12V Rocker Switch

12VDC Green Illuminated Round Rocker Switch - ABRR01312VDC Red Illuminated Round Rocker Switch - ABRR011AB-RS-008 - 12VDC Rocker switch AB-RS-007 - 12VDC Green Illuminated rocker switch


12V rocker switches are commonly used in automotive and marine applications where there is a 12V battery/power source. In its simplest form a switch turns an accessory, such as a lamp or DC motor, on or off. An illuminated 12V rocker switch will light up when the switch is pressed on.

In some instances, a fuse may be necessary within the circuit as a switch will only cope with a certain amount of current. The switch voltage and current rating is usually visible on the side of the switch but if not obvious then the technical data sheet will provide the correct information. A fuse protects the switch from excess power which would melt or damage the switch.  Click on the following link for more information about rocker switches – https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/what-is-a-rocker-switch/

Usually, illuminated 12V rocker switches use LED or incandescent lamps and the cost of the switch will reflect this. Switches illuminated with an incandescent bulb will be less expensive than those using an LED. The LED switch will last longer which is something to consider if it is to remain on for long periods of time.

At Alan Butcher Components, we stock a wide range of rocker switches, including 12V illuminated rocker switches. Our 12V rocker switches use incandescent lamp illumination and we are able to source LED options. Currently, the 12V switches are available in 13x19mm cutout, red or green illuminated or round, 20mm cutout, red or green illumination. We also supply 24V round rocker switches. Click on the following link and then select by voltage – https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/product-category/switches/rocker-switch/

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