22mm Push Button Switches

Momentary Push Switch Green - AB-PB-1068           22mm Red Momentary Switch - AB-PB-1067

We have added a new range of 22mm push button switches to our profile. These are stylish and durable products with 12V and 24V LED illumination. The lamps are bright, ensuring they are easily noticed on large industrial applications and smaller consumer products.

Supplied with a polycarbonate silvery frame around the button, these products not only look good but are also manufactured to a high-quality standard. The lamp life is around 40,000 hours and the electrical life is greater than 50,000 cycles. Installation is quick and simple as they are panel mount and easily integrated into a circuit. When fitted, the front frame of the push button raises less than 2mm above the panel.

These 22mm push button switches are IP65 rated so you can be sure they are safe from dust and low-pressure jets of water.

Switch Configuration Options:

Lamp VoltageSwitch ActionContactsColourShape





















We currently stock round 22mm push button switches in Red, Green, Orange and Blue.  Rectangular and Square options are available with low minimum order quantities and a lead-time of around 6-8 weeks.  This also applies to the White and Yellow colour options.


For technical data, please view the products on our website –

Round 22mm Push Button Switches

You can download individual data sheets from the product pages which show the dimensions of the switch, installation dimensions, the circuit diagram and specific technical information.

22mm Panel Indicator Lights

24V LED Blue Indicator - AB-PB-1078

As part of this range, we also stock 22mm panel indicator lights.  For more information on the indicator lights, please click on the above image which links to our website.

Advantages Of A Push Button Switch

  • Reliable and durable
  • Versatile – suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • Ease of operation
  • Provide tactile feedback to the operator
  • Low power consumption


We are a specialist supplier of switch products and have a thorough understanding of the products we supply.  Over the years we have developed strong relationships with our preferred manufacturers, enabling us to provide a high level of technical assistance and customer service.

By adding these new 22mm push button switches to our range we can offer our customers an even greater choice at competitive prices.

How to place an order

  • Click 22mm push button switches to view the range on our website. Use the Enquire button or Contact Us form to raise your enquiry.
  • Call us on 01258 456360 – there is someone at the end of the phone to take your order or help answer your questions.
  • Email sales@abcomponents.co.uk with your request for a sample, quote or to place an order.




Our products are used in a diverse range of applications including:

  • White goods (washing machines, ovens, tumble dryers)
  • Kitchen and bathroom units
  • Medical products
  • Distribution boxes
  • Caravans and boats
  • Air conditioning and heating products
  • Household appliances (showers, coffee machines,
  • Recording studios
  • Security applications


We have established strong working relationships with all of our suppliers to ensure the products we distribute are of the highest quality. These manufacturers develop new solutions and new technologies to ensure continuous improvements to their products and processes.

With this support, Alan Butcher Components offer innovative products designed to the highest specifications and manufactured using modern, efficient production lines.

We have franchise and/or agency agreements with the following manufacturers:

  • Everel