Loud Piezo Buzzer - ABI-022-RC

Buzzer – Piezo Indicator

(Code: ABI-022-RC)

5-15VDC, PCB pins, 17.5mm pin pitch, 100dB

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    Product Description

    Type: Loud piezo buzzer, audio indicator
    Operating Voltage: 5-15VDC
    Rated Voltage: 12VDC

    Rated Current: 15mA
    Resonant Frequency: 3500Hz
    Sound Output (Min): 100dB
    Pin Pitch: 17.5
    Diameter: 31.25mm Height: 14mm

    • Piezo indicator with an internal drive circuit.
    • Continuous tone buzzer with PCB pins
    • Audio device for use in a wide range of applications including timers, remote monitoring systems, security and safety products & household appliances.