Miniature Buzzer - ABT-460-RC

Buzzer – Electro Mech Transducer

(Code: ABT-460-RC)

2-4Vp-p, PCB pins, 3mm pin pitch, 70dB

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Product Description

Type: Miniature Buzzer, audio transducer
Operating Voltage: 2-4Vp-p
Rated Voltage: 3Vp-p

Rated Current: 150mA
Resonant Frequency: 3000Hz
Sound Output (Min): 70dB
Pin Pitch: 3mm
Diameter: 6.7mm Height: 3.6mm

Requires additional circuitry to generate sound

  • Very small electro mechanical buzzer.
  • PCB pin spacing is only 3mm.
  • Operates between 2-4Vp-p and has a min. sound output of 70dB
  • Applications include measurement and flow instruments, security products, timers and consumer electronics.