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Exciting New Products

New Products From Alan Butcher Components! We have recently added the following new products to the Alan Butcher range – Push Button Switches: AB-PB-1003 – 16mm, red illuminated, latching push switch fitted with 150mm leads. The majority of the push switches we stock have fast-on or screw terminals.  As part of a control panel design for a ventilation unit, we were asked if we could supply a switch fitted with leads.  The AB-PB-1003 suited .
Electret condenser microphones

Electret Microphone Components

Electret Microphones – Tiny Components Doing Amazing Things!     Alan Butcher Components stocks a wide variety of electret microphone components and it is fascinating for us to see where these small products are actually used.  Our smallest product is just 3mm in diameter!  Microphones convert sound energy to electrical energy and listed below are just a few of the type of applications our products are used in: Specialist audio products for fire and .

Caravan Salon 2018

Caravan Salon 2018 – 24.08 – 02.09 The world’s largest trade fair for caravans and motorhomes takes place next month in Dusseldorf, Germany.  It is a huge exhibition, covering all areas of camping and caravanning.  One not to be missed if you have any interest in this sector. Our socket outlet and switch systems supplier, Berker GmbH, will be exhibiting.  They are showcasing their existing range along with new product innovations.  As Berker’s official .
Explosion proof switches - A11131121000

Explosion Proof Switches

Everel A1 & SXL5 Switches Tested To Meet EN60079 Explosive Atmosphere Standard. Cost effective, explosion proof switches for the Refrigeration industry. With the planned phase out of HFC gases by the European Union, the need to source alternative refrigerants with lower global warming potential is a challenge for Refrigeration manufacturers.  The use of natural refrigerants such as R-290 (propane) and R600a (isobutene) are popular substitutes.  However, one of the potential concerns for natural refrigerants .

New Power Float Switches

                                              We now offer high power float switches in the PLS-051 range.  Screw mounted from the outside, this level sensor is suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring the measurement of liquid levels.     Power Float Switches PLS-051A-3PPI PLS-051B-3PPI PLS-051A-6PPI PLS-051B-6PPI Contact Form A B A B Contact rating max. .
What is a rocker switch

Rocker Switches

What is a rocker switch? A rocker switch is an on-off switch that rocks back and forth.  When one side is pressed, the other raises with an action similar to a see-saw.    They are easy to use and extremely reliable making them one of the most common forms of switches used worldwide. Rocker switch contact forms: You will commonly see rocker switches referred to as Single Pole (SP) and Double Pole (DP). This relates .
Alan Butcher Components

Maplin Switches and Buzzers

                                           We were very sad to hear that Maplin Electronics is now in administration.  Alan Butcher Components has been a supplier to Maplin for over 30 years and seen many developments and changes during this time.  The decline of Maplin emphasises again how difficult it is for retailers on the UK high street.  We also appreciate that Maplin was restructuring to try and reverse that trend .
Mostra Expo - 2018

Everel Exhibiting At Mostra Expo, Milan!

The Mostra Convegno Expo, Milan 13th-16th March 2018 We are pleased to announce that Everel will be exhibiting at MCE 2018.  The Mostra Expo is an excellent platform for Everel to present their innovative motor and ventilation solutions to the wider market.   The Mostra Exhibition is where companies focused on the HVAC+R and energy efficiency sectors meet and showcase their latest technologies.  It focuses on the key areas of Heating, Cooling, Water and .
Berker 3A USB charging socket - 9-2610-25-XX

New 3A USB Charging Socket From Berker!

   The new Berker Integro 2gang, 3A, 230V USB charging socket is now available from Alan Butcher Components. Fitted with two USB type A sockets Suitable for mobile phones and tablets, navigation devices and digital cameras. Short-circuit-proof and overload-proof by means of an electronic fuse. As part of the Integro range, the new 3A USB charging socket has the same compact dimensions (55.5 x 55.5mm) and design quality associated with Berker products. Specifications: Frequency .
Piezo Buzzers Sounders

Piezo Buzzer Distributor

Alan Butcher Components has been supplying piezo buzzers for over 30 years.  We specialise in distributing high quality, reliable audio products suitable for a wide range of applications.  So, what makes us different from other suppliers?  Why should you choose Alan Butcher Components as your piezo buzzer distributor?  Here are just a few reasons:   Our range is comprehensive. Whether you need continuous or intermittent-tone buzzers, loud/high output devices or ultra-miniature components, we will .