Berker Integro – High End Design & Innovation

The Berker name is widely recognised throughout the caravan and motorhome industry. High end design, functionality and quality ensure Berker is the product of choice for many of the major European mobile living manufacturers. Alan Butcher Components has been the official UK agent and distributor for the Berker Integro Range for 14 years now. During this time, we have seen the expansion of the UK customer base into a variety of different sectors.  These include kitchen, bathroom, laboratory and interior design.


Berker UK Socket OutletBerker twin rocker switch 9-3655-25-XXBerker USB charging socket outlet 2 gang - 9-2602-25-XXBerker IP44 Frame - 9-1828-25-XX

So, why do customers choose Berker?

1) Firstly, product design and functionality. Berker’s innovative electrical fittings add design flair which is a key selection criteria for our Berker customers.

2) Exceedingly high quality product.

3) The products are quick and easy to mount.  Furthermore, no additional tools are required which facilitates the manufacturing process.

4) Compact size – perfect for applications where space is a premium.

5) Integration with modern communication systems.

6) Fashionable colours and surfaces for modern interior design.

7) Socket outlets are available in all standard country variants.  Importantly, the Integro range offers international flexibility for customer product portfolios.

8) The modular product concept enables you to select a circular insert such as a socket, switch or USB charger and combine with a frame.  Moreover, the frames are available in different styles and colours so you can choose the right combination for your application.

9) Excellent customer service and technical support.  The partnership between Berker and Alan Butcher Components ensures customers get the answers and the product they need promptly.

10) Reliability – Berker products are robust and reliable.


To find out more, go to our website   – here, you can view a selection of the sockets, switches and frames available within the Berker Integro range.  Not all products are listed so, to review the complete portfolio, please download a copy of the latest Berker Business Solutions catalogue –  There is much to choose and consider.  Therefore, if you would like further assistance, please give us a call on 01258 456350 and we will be happy to help.





Alan Butcher Components is a UK distributor of electronic and electro-mechanical components. In addition to the Berker Integro Range, we supply switches, neon indicators, buzzers, miniature speakers, microphones, reed sensors, IEC connectors and mains power cord sets.


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