Everel Product Solutions

Everel Product Solutions Presentations

                                                                                  EVEREL PRODUCT SOLUTIONS Everel has recently launched a series of presentations showcasing their product solutions for applications such as ovens, cooker hoods, pressure and vacuum cleaners.  There are currently three presentations and you .
Float switches

Selecting a Float Switch – What Should You Consider?

  Firstly, it’s important to understand how a liquid level sensor, or float switch, works.  The products supplied by Alan Butcher Components contain a reed switch within a stem.  An external float, with a magnet inside, passes over and activates the reed switch, depending on the level of the liquid.  No power supply is required to operate these switches.   When selecting a liquid level sensor, you should consider the following:   Contact Form .
Sensors - Alan Butcher Components

Visit Us At The Sensors & Instrumentation Exhibition!

Our Reed Sensor Technology supplier PIC GmbH is exhibiting at the Sensors & Instrumentation exhibition in Birmingham on the 26th – 27th September 2017.   This will be the first time they have exhibited in the UK and it is an exciting opportunity to view their product range and discuss the numerous applications for this technology with their sales engineers.  Our Managing Director, Paul Butcher, will also be on the stand to assist with .
Push button switches

What Are Push Button Switches?

Push Button Switches are used across a wide variety of applications.    Usually made of metal or plastic, the button is pressed by the human finger; they are the interface between a user and the end product or system.  The range of push switches is vast and below is an overview of the type of push buttons offered by Alan Butcher Components. Types Of Pushbutton Switches:   Latching switches, also known as On/Off – when .
Electret condenser microphones

Electret Condenser Microphones Explained

How Electret Condenser Microphones work – Microphones convert sound energy (sound waves) to electrical energy (an audio signal).  An electret condenser microphone (ECM) consists of two plates, one fixed (back plate) and one moveable (diaphragm).  There is a small gap between each plate and when sound waves hit the diaphragm, the movement causes the capacitance between the diaphragm and the back plate to change.  This generates a flow of variable electric current and these .
Piezo Buzzers Sounders

Piezo Buzzer Definition

Piezo Buzzer Definition – What are Buzzers and Sounders? Alan Butcher Components has been supplying buzzers and sounders for over 30 years.  The terminology for these devices can sometimes be confusing so below is a summary of how we define our audio products.   Buzzers and Sounders are also known as audio alarms, audio indicators, audio transducers, piezo buzzers, beepers and/or audible alarms.   They can be split into piezo and electro mechanical devices. .
Everel's UK Agent

Alan Butcher Components – Everel’s UK Agent!

                We are delighted to announce that Alan Butcher Components Ltd. has been appointed as the sole UK agent for Everel, Italy.  We have been working with Everel as their UK distributor for 30 years.  The addition of the agency will further enhance our ability to assist customers and generate new opportunities. As Everel’s UK agent, we are the intermediary between Everel and their customer.  We are .

New Everel Catalogue 2017

We are pleased to inform you that the new Everel Catalogue is now available.  Everel is a leading manufacturer of electro mechanical components for household appliances and the automotive industry. The catalogue has been updated with new corporate information, product overviews and graphics.  It is divided into the following three sections: Products and Applications – Everel has a varied customer base and this section lists the core industrial applications such as ovens, cleaning equipment .
Stainless Steel LED Signal Lamps - AB-AV-1213

Stainless Steel LED Signal Lamps

Stainless Steel LED Signal Lamps. We have recently introduced stainless steel LED signal lamps and indicator lights to our product range.  These complement our Anti Vandal Switches and are available in the various cut-out options – 12mm, 16mm, 19mm and 22mm.   Built to withstand the demands of harsh environments, these signal lamps are IP67 rated.  Lamp colour and voltages are offered as follows: Colour Options LED Lamp Options   Red AC/DC 6V   Yellow .
Everel Website

Everel Launches New Website!

            The New Everel Website! Our switch and signal lamp manufacturer, Everel has recently launched its new website. The site is easy to navigate with useful product detail and technical information. Data sheets and approval certificates can be downloaded from the product pages and the company structure is clearly communicated. Through its brands Molveno, Signal Lux, Dreefs, Giem and Kautt & Bux,  Everel provides a wide range of electro mechanical .