12V rocker switch

12V Rocker Switch

  12V rocker switches are commonly used in automotive and marine applications where there is a 12V battery/power source. In its simplest form a switch turns an accessory, such as a lamp or DC motor, on or off. An illuminated 12V rocker switch will light up when the switch is pressed on. In some instances,… Read More
Push button switches

Push Button Switches – Managing Lead-Times & Stock Levels

We are all facing the challenges of increased lead-times and costs due to materials and shipping.  With products manufactured in Europe and China, it has been essential for us at Alan Butcher Components to manage our stock levels by working closely with our customers and understanding their needs.  In turn, our suppliers have been keeping… Read More
reed sensor production capabilities

Reed Sensor Production Capabilities

PIC – Expanding Reed Sensor Production Capabilities Our reed switch and reed sensor supplier, PIC GmbH has been investing heavily over the past three years to enhance various aspects of their reed sensor production capabilities: • automation • new production lines • high end machinery The aim has been to increase their competitive advantage by… Read More

Buzzer vs Speaker

Buzzers and Speakers are transducers that convert electrical energy into sound. So, when designing an application that requires an audible alert for user input or alarm function, which should you choose?  How do you decided between a buzzer vs speaker? What is a buzzer? Buzzers are also known as sounders, piezo buzzers, audible alarms, audio… Read More
FDA and NSF Approved Float Switches

FDA and NSF Approved Float Switches

PLS-PP Range Of Float Switches Awarded FDA and NSF Approval.     We are pleased to announce that our PLS-PP series of float switches are FDA and NSF approved.  This means they are suitable for food contact.  These PP (Polypropylene) float switches, manufactured by PIC GmbH, comply with FDA CFR 177.2600 and CFR 177.1520 norms.… Read More
New 250V Neon Indicators

New 250V Neon Indicators

New 250V Neon Indicators From Alan Butcher Components We have recently extended our panel neon indicator range to include 12mm and 13mm lights.  The SX412 and SX432 series from Signal Lux are high quality, competitively priced panel indicators.  They are easy to fit, durable and stylish! SX412 Series Features: Panel Cutout: 12mm Lens Diameter: 14mm… Read More
Brushless Motors - Everel 58 series


One of the key strengths of Italian component manufacturer, Everel is it’s ability to turn a standard product into a customised solution.   The Everel Brushless Motor Range is such an example. Outlined below are the primary benefits and technical features of the Everel Ø58 and Ø80 brushless motor family.  For brushless motors, look no further… Read More
New Piezo Buzzers and Miniature Speakers

New Piezo Buzzers And Miniature Speakers

New Products From Alan Butcher Components! Alan Butcher Components is pleased to announce the addition of new piezo buzzers and miniature speakers to our range. Miniature Speakers: ABS-248-RC • Miniature rectangular 4ohm speaker, 2Wmax. • The linked twin speakers help to improve SPL and sound quality. • Excellent miniature speaker for voice and music reproduction.… Read More
Float switch

How to select the correct float switch – Alan Butcher Components

Float Switch Float switches are one of the most proven, reliable and cost-effective technologies for measuring liquid levels. There are several things to consider when sourcing a float switch for your application. These include: • Contact Form – Normally Open or Normally Closed • Mounting position – horizontal or vertical • Housing material • Electrical… Read More

Reed Sensors – A Sustainable Switching Technology

REED SWITCHES & REED SENSORS - SUSTAINABLE SWITCHING. Alan Butcher Components supply reed switches and sensors manufactured by PIC, Germany. Using sustainable technologies is often a key consideration for design engineers. With increased environmental legislation impacting on product design, reed switches offer a non-touch switching solution for a wide variety of applications. So, what makes them… Read More

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