Berker Integro - mobile living

Berker Integro – High End Design & Innovation

The Berker name is widely recognised throughout the caravan and motorhome industry. High end design, functionality and quality ensure Berker is the product of choice for many of the major European mobile living manufacturers. Alan Butcher Components has been the official UK agent and distributor for the Berker Integro Range for 14 years now. During… Read More
Customised speaker

Miniature Speaker Customisation

  Why Customise Your Miniature Speaker? At Alan Butcher Components, we recognise that not all applications are the same. In some circumstances a standard component doesn’t quite meet requirements and in our experience designs including miniature speakers sometimes need customised solutions. Customising your miniature speaker component even slightly can assist with your production process or… Read More
Reed Sensors for Medical Applications

Reed Sensors For Medical Applications

Reed Switches and Hall Sensors play a valuable role within a variety of medical applications.  Widely used for positioning and movement control within healthcare systems and medical devices, they offer a durable and effective non-touch switching solution.  Applications include hospital beds, mobility equipment, lift chairs and wheelchairs which help to make the life of patients… Read More
Green LED Push Button Switch

New 20mm LED Push Button Switches

Alan Butcher Components has recently added 20mm LED push button switches to our range. These 12VDC, red and green illuminated versions are stylish, compact switches suitable for low voltage applications.                         Technical Features: Cut-out – 20mm diameter.  These panel mount push switches are easy to… Read More
Alan Butcher Components

Distribution Challenges for 2022

Distribution Challenges for 2022 – Electronic Components As we move into February, how has the start to 2022 been? Suppliers, manufacturers and customers are still facing the challenges of Covid, price increases, long lead-times and shipping delays. Add to this the need to be on top of changing environmental legislation, quality certification, customs procedures and… Read More
12V rocker switch

12V Rocker Switch

  12V rocker switches are commonly used in automotive and marine applications where there is a 12V battery/power source. In its simplest form a switch turns an accessory, such as a lamp or DC motor, on or off. An illuminated 12V rocker switch will light up when the switch is pressed on. In some instances,… Read More
Push button switches

Push Button Switches – Managing Lead-Times & Stock Levels

We are all facing the challenges of increased lead-times and costs due to materials and shipping.  With products manufactured in Europe and China, it has been essential for us at Alan Butcher Components to manage our stock levels by working closely with our customers and understanding their needs.  In turn, our suppliers have been keeping… Read More
reed sensor production capabilities

Reed Sensor Production Capabilities

PIC – Expanding Reed Sensor Production Capabilities Our reed switch and reed sensor supplier, PIC GmbH has been investing heavily over the past three years to enhance various aspects of their reed sensor production capabilities: • automation • new production lines • high end machinery The aim has been to increase their competitive advantage by… Read More

Buzzer vs Speaker

Buzzers and Speakers are transducers that convert electrical energy into sound. So, when designing an application that requires an audible alert for user input or alarm function, which should you choose?  How do you decided between a buzzer vs speaker? What is a buzzer? Buzzers are also known as sounders, piezo buzzers, audible alarms, audio… Read More
FDA and NSF Approved Float Switches

FDA and NSF Approved Float Switches

PLS-PP Range Of Float Switches Awarded FDA and NSF Approval.     We are pleased to announce that our PLS-PP series of float switches are FDA and NSF approved.  This means they are suitable for food contact.  These PP (Polypropylene) float switches, manufactured by PIC GmbH, comply with FDA CFR 177.2600 and CFR 177.1520 norms.… Read More

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