Everel – Switches, Signal Lamps, Motors and Ventilation Units.

Everel is a leading producer and supplier of electromechanical components for major worldwide household appliance companies and car manufacturers.

Through its own brands, Molveno, Dreefs, Giem and Signal Lux, the company offers a wide range of products: switches, selectors, signal lights, motors and custom ventilation units for ovens. Although the focus is mostly on electromechanical items, significant investment has been made in electronic products such as encoders and PCBs.

Innovation, quality and efficiency are the company values and it relies on these to satisfy customers and remain competitive on the global market. It is widely recognised for its experience in production, quality and innovation.

Everel Corporate Profile 2017

Below are three presentations from Everel, showcasing where their products are used.  These provide detailed solutions for various applications such as cooker hoods, ovens, pressure and vacuum cleaners. Please click on the images to download the presentations and see how the Everel products can suit your application.