Custom Mains Power Cable Sets

Custom Mains Power Cable Sets From Alan Butcher Components.

We have recently extended our electronic components range to include specialised mains power cable and cord sets. As customers increasingly look to expand their export sales, Alan Butcher Components can offer a purchasing solution that is competitive and tailored to specific requirements.

We focus on the non-standard combinations of plug, cable and connector which are not readily available within the market.

Our specialised international mains power cables are fully approved for use in countries all over the world including UK, Schuko, Euro, US, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China.

Custom mains cables can be modified in terms of:
• material e.g. PVC / Rubber
• length
• diameter
• conductor size
• IEC connector style
• stripped ends
• colour
• plugs

Examples below:


Angled Schuko plug, 2.5m cable with stripped ends


Moulded US 3 pin plug, 4m cable with stripped ends


Japanese plug, 15m cable with ring terminals


UK plug with 2m cable and IEC connector