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Electret Microphones – Tiny Components Doing Amazing Things!


Electret condenser microphones


Alan Butcher Components stocks a wide variety of electret microphone components and it is fascinating for us to see where these small products are actually used.  Our smallest product is just 3mm in diameter!  Microphones convert sound energy to electrical energy and listed below are just a few of the type of applications our products are used in:

  • Specialist audio products for fire and disability markets
  • Telephone based intercom units
  • Intercoms and access control
  • Industrial computers

The manufacture quality of the electret microphones we supply is well established.  Design engineers and purchasers alike can be confident in the product they are sourcing.

Popular Products:

Our most popular products include –

Component Microphone - ABM-707-RC


ABM-707-RC – 9.7mm, omni-directional, -41dB, PCB pins


electret microphone - ABM-709-RC

ABM-709-RC – 9.7mm, uni-directional, -47dB, solder pads




4mm Microphone - ABM-715-RC

ABM-715-RC – 4mm, omni-directional, -44dB, wire leads


Customised Electret Microphone Components:

We are often approached by customers with specific design requirements.  Sometimes, an alternative solution is needed to the standard, off-the-shelf products.  Our ABM-717-RC electret microphone for example was exactly the right product for one of our customers’ designs.  However, the lead length was too short.  We were able to customise the microphone and supply it with 220mm leads to suit their application.  Our MOQs are not high and our pricing is very competitive.  We are able to offer this service because of the strong relationship we have with our supplier, developed over a number of years.


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