Exciting New Products

New Products From Alan Butcher Components!

We have recently added the following new products to the Alan Butcher range –

Push Button Switches:

AB-PB-1003 – 16mm, red illuminated, latching push switch fitted with 150mm leads.

The majority of the push switches we stock have fast-on or screw terminals.  As part of a control panel design for a ventilation unit, we were asked if we could supply a switch fitted with leads.  The AB-PB-1003 suited the application perfectly:

  • Fitted with 3 x 150mm leads, 22AWGpush button switch with leads - AB-PB-1003
  • Red illuminated, 220VAC/0.5A
  • 1NO Latching
  • IP40
  • 16mm cut-out
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AB-PB-1004 – 15mm, momentary, all black push button switch

  • SPST on-off MomentaryNO Push Button Switch - AB-PB-1004
  • Push to make switch
  • 15mm cut-out
  • Fitted with 4.8mm solder tabs
  • Push length – 10mm
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Miniature Speakers

ABS-246-RC – 4ohm miniature speaker set

  • 2 x 4ohm speakers4ohm miniature speaker set - ABS-246-RC
  • Fitted with 250mm leads and connector
  • 2W rated power
  • Rectangular speaker dimensions – 40x28x12mm
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This speaker set has been developed using two of our ABS-230-RC speakers.  These high power speakers produce excellent sound quality and the addition of leads and a connector ensure they are easy to fix in any application.


ABS-247-RC – 8ohm encased speaker with leads

  • Miniature rectangular speaker encased in a 27mm housing to facilitate easy mounting.encased 8ohm miniature speaker - ABS-247-RC
  • Fitted with 50mm leads
  • Excellent miniature speaker for voice and music reproduction.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications including Bluetooth products, model railway sound effect generators, PDAs and for products where space is a premium.

The speaker inside the housing is similar to our micro speakers – ABS-237-RC, ABS-238-RC, ABS-239-RC and ABS-240-RC.  These PEEK coned speakers have been extremely popular due to their compact size and the quality of their sound reproduction.  As an encased speaker, the ABS-247-RC is easy to mount and offers our customers a fixing solution for their applications.

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Intermittent Buzzer and Signal Lamps

AB-BUZ-1301 – Intermittent Buzzer and Signal Lamp

  • An intermittent buzzer with 12V LED, red illuminationIntermittent Buzzer - AB-BUZ-1301
  • 16mm cut-out
  • IP40 rated
  • Suitable for applications requiring both visual and audible warning.
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AB-BUZ-1302 – Intermittent Signal Lamp

  • 12V Red LED IlluminationIntermitten Signal Lamp - AB-BUZ-1302
  • 16mm cut-out
  • IP40 rated
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Both of these items are robust and durable.   They are competitively priced, energy saving products, ideal for machine or system status notifications.


We have developed strong relationships with our suppliers, enabling us to be confident in the quality of the products we source.  For more information on these new products, please click on the links to our website and fill in a product enquiry form.  Alternatively, give us a call or send us an email:


01258 456360     sales@abcomponents.co.uk


Our area representatives are also available to visit should you prefer a face-to-face meeting – www.abcomponents.co.uk/contact-us



As a reminder, Alan Butcher Components is a UK distributor of electronic components and electro-mechanical components.  We specialise in:

  • switch products
  • signal lamps & indicator lights
  • audio components such as piezo buzzers, miniature speakers and microphones
  • Berker socket outlets and switch systems
  • reed switches & sensors
  • customised cables