Explosion Proof Switches

Everel A1 & SXL5 Switches Tested To Meet EN60079 Explosive Atmosphere Standard.

Cost effective, explosion proof switches for the Refrigeration industry.

refrigerator - explosion proof switchesWith the planned phase out of HFC gases by the European Union, the need to source alternative refrigerants with lower global warming potential is a challenge for Refrigeration manufacturers.  The use of natural refrigerants such as R-290 (propane) and R600a (isobutene) are popular substitutes.  However, one of the potential concerns for natural refrigerants is their flammability.

ice - explosion proof switchesWith this in mind, electro mechanical components used within refrigerators and vending machines need to withstand the more vigorous testing for potentially hazardous environments.  The A1 series and SXL5 explosion proof switches produced by Everel, Italy have been tested to meet the EN60079 regulatory standard.

The A1 Series Rocker Switch:         

  • Testing Standard: EN 60079-15.2010, par. 22.4 ; suitable for UL 471
  • Testing body: IMQ; UL
  • 19x13mm cutout
  • Single pole
  • Tested Rating: 250V/10A
  • GWT 850°C and on request GWT NO FLAME 750°C
  • Various colours and markings
  • Above applies to A1 products with “W” at the end of the part number.


The SXL5 Series Push Button Switch:        

SXL5 series - explosion proof switches

  • Testing Standard: IEC/EN 60079-15.2010, par. 22.4
  • Testing body: IBexU
  • Rear panel cut-out
  • Single pole & Double pole
  • Tested Rating: 250V/12A
  • GWT 850°C and GWT NO FLAME 750°C
  • Available with different types of shaft

Applications include:

  • Domestic fridges and freezers
  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Vending machines.


  • rocker and push button switch types
  • A1 – various markings and colours available
  • SXL5 – greater design freedom
  • well engineered and designed
  • quick and easy installation
  • extremely cost effective solution for potentially explosive atmospheres

When end products are put forward for agency approval, Design Engineers can be confident that these switches will meet the requirements of the certification test procedures.  Contact us now for more information on the explosion proof versions of the A1 and SXL5 switch series – call 01258 456360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk

Alan Butcher Components is the UK agent and distributor for Everel.  Everel is a widely recognised and respected manufacturer of electronic and electro-mechanical components for many of the leading household appliance manufacturers.   We have been representing Everel for over 30 years and we have the technical understanding and support to assist with a variety of applications.

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