FDA and NSF Approved Float Switches

PLS-PP Range Of Float Switches Awarded FDA and NSF Approval.



Small Float Switch - PLS-020-B-3Float Switches 240V - PLS-031-A-6Vertical Float Switch - PLS-041-A-6Horizontal Float Switch pls092a3pph

We are pleased to announce that our PLS-PP series of float switches are FDA and NSF approved.  This means they are suitable for food contact.  These PP (Polypropylene) float switches, manufactured by PIC GmbH, comply with FDA CFR 177.2600 and CFR 177.1520 norms.

FDA and NSF approval applies to the following float switch products, which can be found on the Alan Butcher Components website – https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/product-category/switches/float-switch/:

  • PLS-020A/B-3PPI
  • PLS-031A/B-3PPI/6PPI
  • PLS-041A/B-3PPI/6PPI
  • PLS-051A/B-3PPI/6PPI
  • PLS-092A-3PPH/6PPH


The PIC level sensor factory has recently been audited by the NSF.  Level Sensors manufactured with the PP material have been tested and are now listed on the NSF website – under NSF-certification number C0462455 –169.  Furthermore, the PLS-031 and PLS-041 made of PP material are also suitable for use in water, coffee and tea.

You can download the declaration of conformity from the PIC website at https://www.pic-gmbh.com/en/products/level-sensors/pls-pp-series/


For more information please contact:

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