16mm push button switch colour lenses

16mm Push Button Switch Colour Lenses

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To fit D16 series, 16mm push button switches and pilot lights

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Product Description

Type: 16mm push button switch colour lenses to fit D16 push buttons and pilot lights
Options available:
Round – 18mm diameter
50-001-11 Blue
50-001-12 Green
50-001-13 Orange
50-001-14 Red
50-001-15 White
50-001-16 Yellow

Rectangular – 24mm x 18mm
50-002-11 Blue
50-002-12 Green
50-002-13 Orange
50-002-14 Red
50-002-15 White
50-002-16 Yellow

Square – 18mm x 18mm
50-003-11 Blue
50-003-12 Green
50-003-13 Orange
50-003-14 Red
50-003-15 White
50-003-16 Yellow

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