Float switch

How to select the correct float switch – Alan Butcher Components

Float Switch Float switches are one of the most proven, reliable and cost-effective technologies for measuring liquid levels. There are several things to consider when sourcing a float switch for your application. These include: • Contact Form – Normally Open or Normally Closed • Mounting position – horizontal or vertical • Housing material • Electrical rating • Lead length and material • Size of tank/container This guide will run through each of the above. .

New Power Float Switches

                                              We now offer high power float switches in the PLS-051 range.  Screw mounted from the outside, this level sensor is suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring the measurement of liquid levels.     Power Float Switches PLS-051A-3PPI PLS-051B-3PPI PLS-051A-6PPI PLS-051B-6PPI Contact Form A B A B Contact rating max. .