New Power Float Switches

                                              We now offer high power float switches in the PLS-051 range.  Screw mounted from the outside, this level sensor is suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring the measurement of liquid levels.     Power Float Switches PLS-051A-3PPI PLS-051B-3PPI PLS-051A-6PPI PLS-051B-6PPI Contact Form A B A B Contact rating max. .
Float switches

Selecting a Float Switch – What Should You Consider?

  Firstly, it’s important to understand how a liquid level sensor, or float switch, works.  The products supplied by Alan Butcher Components contain a reed switch within a stem.  An external float, with a magnet inside, passes over and activates the reed switch, depending on the level of the liquid.  No power supply is required to operate these switches.   When selecting a liquid level sensor, you should consider the following:   Contact Form .