Illuminated push button switch

Push button switches are widely used in industry to activate or deactivate an electrical circuit.  An illuminated push button switch uses a small LED, neon or incandescent lamp to emphasise the “ON” position.

Types of Illumination

Neon– neon lamps are more suited to higher voltage applications i.e. 110VAC and 240VAC or, less commonly, DC voltages in excess of 90VDC.  Applications using mains voltage generally use a switch with a 240V.

Fluorescent – these are gas lamps which are suitable for lower AC/DC voltages.

LED– LED lamps are bright, have a longer operational life and low power consumption.  They are however, a more expensive option than a neon or fluorescent lamp.

AC or DC circuit?
When selecting an illuminated push button switch, it is important to consider whether the circuit in which the switch is used runs on AC or DC voltage.

As mentioned, switches make or break the electrical flow in a circuit.  When a circuit is deactivated an arc or spark is generated between the switch contacts.  The speed at which this connection is broken depends on whether the electricity is AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current).  An alternating current varies in magnitude and direction.  Because of the change in direction, the voltage periodically reverses, generating “current zeros” twice a cycle.  The current zeros in AC circuits help to extinguish the arc quickly.

DC maintains a steady, unidirectional flow of electricity and therefore, it takes longer to extinguish these arcs.  Over time this can damage the switch contacts and can lead to over-heating.

So, if you are using an illuminated switch for an application run off UK mains rated electricity it is important you select a 240VAC rated push switch.  A 12V push button switch or 24VDC switch is more suitable for lower voltage applications, likely to be run off battery power.

Our Illuminated Push Button Switch Range
We stock a wide range of single and double pole illuminated push button switches.  Various size, voltage and colour options are available.

If you need a switch to operate one circuit then a single pole switch is what you require.  A double pole push switch will activate two circuits.  Illumination within a switch circuit is depicted by a lamp symbol as illustrated by the below diagrams:

Single Pole Illuminated Momentary Push Button SwitchDouble Pole Illuminated Latching Push Button Switch
SP illuminated push button switchDouble pole illuminated push button switch

Our panel mount illuminated push buttons primarily use neon lamps.  Our Anti-vandal switch range uses LED illumination and these are predominantly 12V push button switches or 24VDC.

Panel cut-outs
Our illuminated push switch range is available in a variety of cut outs.  They are easy to fit.  Once the appropriate panel cut-out has been made, the switches snap-fit into the opening and are held in place by retention ribs on the side of the switch. We offer the following cut-outs:











Our Anti-vandal switches are available in 12mm, 16mm and 19mm cut-outs.  We are also able to supply 22mm and 25mm illuminated anti-vandal push switches however, these are not shown on our website.

Types of Illumination

Vandal resistant switches - AB-AV-1608DOTThe switch uses a small illuminated dot on the actuator to depict the “on” position.
Ring Illuminated Vandal Proof Switch - AB-AV-930RINGAn illuminated ring shows that the application is on.
Push Button Switch 240V - SXL4126H1G0000WFULLThe switch button is fully illuminated

Deca SwitchLab 16mm illuminated push button switches16mm Square Push Button Switch - D16LMS1-1AB

The modular illuminated switches within the Deca D16 range offer extensive choice to the customer.  The designer can select from the following options:Switch Action – Latching or Momentary

Lens Shape – Square, round or rectangular

Lamps – LED – 6v, 12V or 24VDC, Concave or Flat

Neon – 110 or 220VAC

Incandescent – 6V-60VAC/DC

Lens Colours – blue, green, orange, red, white, yellow

So if, for example, your application requires a single pole 12V push button switch, latching with a blue square flat lens, we will be able to assist you!

IP Ratings

By fitting a splash proof cover to our standard IP40 push button switches, it is possible to increase their IP rating to IP65.  Our switch accessories page shows the various covers available for the different switch cut-outs –  Please note that these caps need to be fitted correctly to ensure IP65.

The SXA438821000G00 switch is IP54 rated.


Depending on the format of the switch, our anti-vandal switches are IP40, IP65 or IP67 rated.

12V Push Button Switches

If you are looking specifically for a 12V push button switch, we would recommend our anti-vandal switches, 16mm or 19mm or the Deca Switchlab D16 series.  Call us on 01258 456360 to discuss your requirements.


Over the past 7 years we have worked with our Far Eastern supplier to extend our “own branded” switch range.  The relationship we have developed enables us to offer non-standard solutions and this has been particularly relevant with regards to the AB-PB-1003 push switch.  Our customer required a standard, 220V red illuminated switch but needed it to be fitted with leads.  We were able to fulfil that requirement.

push button switch with leads - AB-PB-1003

One of our most popular ranges, the Molveno SP60 push switch, is manufactured by Everel, Italy.    We have been Everel’s official UK distributor for over 30 years and were appointed as their UK agent in 2017.  The Everel Group is widely recognised within the European domestic appliance industry and we have worked hard to increase this profile within the UK.  Significantly, product quality, technical expertise and innovation have enabled them to remain one of the leading manufacturers within their field.  Please visit the Everel website at for more information on the company and its various brands.

As mentioned previously, the manufacturer Deca SwitchLab offers a comprehensive range of 16mm illuminated push button switches.  These switches are widely used within control panels.

The relationship we have developed with all of our suppliers enables us to respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently.  We work closely with our customers and manufactures to identify the right product for a particular application.   We are confident in the quality of the products we supply and we have excellent technical assistance available when required.

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