Level Sensors – Simple and Effective

level sensor

Using a magnet installed within the float and a reed sensor within the stem, our level sensors are simple and effective.

Float switch activation

Level sensors, also known as float switches, are a means of measuring, monitoring and maintaining liquid levels.  Because we offer level sensors of various sizes and housing materials, our products are used within a wide variety of applications.  Examples of these include:

  • Coffee machines
  • Tumble dryers
  • Refrigerators with ice making facilities
  • Fluid tanks
  • Ink jet printers
  • Infection control devices

We work closely with the manufacturer and subsequently, we provide excellent technical support and customer service.  We also offer samples for testing to ensure the product is right for the intended application.  When selecting a level sensor for a design there are several points to consider.  It is important you find a supplier capable of understanding the parameters involved.  Before identifying a level sensor for your project you should clarify aspects such as:

  • The chemical compatibility of the float material and the liquid it is immersed in
  • Viscosity and density of the liquid
  • Buoyancy
  • Temperature of the application and environment it will be used in


Further information is available on our website – https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/product-category/switches/float-switch/.  This discusses how the level sensors work, what liquids are suitable for which materials as well as listing the various float switches we offer.

Our products are robust, durable and manufactured to a high specification.

Call us on 01258 456360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk – we will be happy to discuss our level sensors with you.

More about our Level Sensors manufacturer:

Our level sensor products are manufactured by PIC GmbH.  Based near Nuremberg in Germany, PIC is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of reed switch and sensor technology – https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/brands/pic/

In addition to float switches, PIC supplies reed sensors, reed switches, hall sensors and magnets.  They also happy to customise products to meet non-standard requirements.