Managing Lead Times – CNY 2018

Managing Lead Times – Chinese New Year 2018


The Year of the Dog is fast approaching and it is time to plan for the Chinese New Year shutdown period.  For 2018, our supplier’s shutdown runs from 10th February to 25th February, with limited production for a couple of weeks after.

As you know, we like to give our customers sufficient time to plan for this and every year, around this time, we are in contact to provide a gentle reminder to look at stock levels.  We do the same, increasing our stock levels over this period to help mitigate any impact the shutdown may have.

We suggest looking at your order requirements from now through to April and we are happy to accept scheduled orders to cover this time.  Also, for those involved in new designs/product development, please take account of the extended lead-times when requesting samples or planning your product launch. The priority is to ensure that the factory shutdowns over the Chinese New Year don’t negatively impact your business and managing lead times helps significantly with this.

If you would like to discuss your order coverage or would appreciate advice, please call us on 01258 456360 as we would be happy to help.


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