Maplin Switches and Buzzers

               AB-RS-008 - 12VDC Rocker switch            White 12VDC Buzzer - ABI-049-RC    Everel's UK Agent     Push button lamp switch AB-TL-701      

We were very sad to hear that Maplin Electronics is now in administration.  Alan Butcher Components has been a supplier to Maplin for over 30 years and seen many developments and changes during this time.  The decline of Maplin emphasises again how difficult it is for retailers on the UK high street.  We also appreciate that Maplin was restructuring to try and reverse that trend by providing customers with an interactive, in-store, smart technology experience which they are unable to get online.  Unfortunately, this change of focus has come too late.

Although the components section of the Maplin store has reduced in size over the years, it enabled electronics enthusiasts to physically handle and view component parts.  Hobbyists and techies could buy the parts they needed to produce electronics kits, models and small scale assemblies.  Online purchasing has offered a cheaper and easier option.

Alan Butcher Components supplied switches, buzzers, speakers, microphones, neon indicator lamps and anti-vandal switches to Maplin.  Customers can still purchase from stores and online whilst stocks last, however, products will be increasingly difficult to source.  Therefore, we have added Maplin codes to our website for the products we supplied.  This will enable customers to easily identify key component parts and ensure continuation of supply.

Below are a few of those key products;

ABC Part No. Maplin Stock Code Description
ABI-049-RC   White 12VDC Buzzer - ABI-049-RC


12Vdc electro-mech buzzer
AB-AV-926   Anti Vandal Push Button Switch - AB-AV-1603 N39EB 19mm IP65 anti-vandal push switch
AB-TL-701    Push button lamp switch AB-TL-701 N16EB Table light switch
ABRR011   12VDC Red Illuminated Round Rocker Switch - ABRR011 N32FB round 12V rocker switch illuminated red
ABRR013   12VDC Green Illuminated Round Rocker Switch - ABRR013 N33FB round 12V rocker switch illuminated green
AB-RS-007   AB-RS-007 - 12VDC Green Illuminated rocker switch N85JZ 12V rocker switch illuminated green
AB-RS-008   AB-RS-008 - 12VDC Rocker switch N84JZ 12V rocker switch illuminated red
ABSL-001   Slim Line Rocker Switches - ABSL-001 N19CL Slim line rocker switch
B116C1G000000    GU51 Everel 16A rocker switch SPST illuminated red
B418C1E000000    GU56 Everel 16A rocker switch DPST illuminated green
B418C1G000000   Illuminated Rocker Switch - B418C1G000000 GU55 Everel 16A rocker switch DPST illuminated red
SP6014C1R00000   Momentary push button switch - SP6014C10000025mm Push Button Caps RK82 SP momentary push button switch with red cap
TECNO11131191000   Red flash rocker switch - TECNO11131191000 ML79 13x19mm rocker switch with red flash

Please call us on 01258 456360 or email if you would like a quotation or require technical assistance.

The future for Maplin is still not clear but we strongly hope that a plan is in place to resurrect one of the UK’s largest electronics retailers.