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Why Customise Your Miniature Speaker?

At Alan Butcher Components, we recognise that not all applications are the same. In some circumstances a standard component doesn’t quite meet requirements and in our experience designs including miniature speakers sometimes need customised solutions. Customising your miniature speaker component even slightly can assist with your production process or improve the sound output of your design.  With this in mind, the following article provides examples of miniature speaker customisation projects we have worked on to help show some of the options available.



Examples of Our Miniature Speaker Customisation Projects.


Our standard ABS-239-RC micro speaker has been customised in two different ways, primarily to help improve production purposes:

ABS-239-RC ABS-239-100-RCABS-239-SC-RC
Micro Speaker - ABS-239-RCMicro speaker with leads - ABS-239-100-RCABS-239-SC-RC drawing
Standard 8ohm micro speaker with solder padsABS-239-100-RC is fitted with 100mm leads. It is used within sound equipment for model railways.ABS-239-SC-RC has spring contacts instead of solder terminals, requested for a medical application.



ABS-242-500-RC - Our customer required a 4ohm version of our ABS-236-RC speaker. Furthermore, they needed two speakers within their unit, connected by wire leads and fitted with a connector at the ends of the leads. Our solution was the ABS-242-500-RC which is now used within products for the visually impaired.

4ohm miniature speakers - ABS-242-500-RC



ABS-241-RC – This speaker is supplied to a customer who manufacturers ticket machines. The speaker is customised with two different wire lengths either 80mm or 110mm leads, depending on which machine is in production.  There is a seal around the edge of the ABS-241-RC speaker which makes it suitable for high humidity and damp environments.Rectangular miniature speaker - ABS-241-RC


ABS-222-150-RC – our standard ABS-222-RC speaker was customised with 150mm leads and fitted with a connector for a customer who manufactures industrial computers. The connector was specified by the customer so that it matched the header they were already using in production.

ABS-222-RC36mm Mylar Speaker
The standard ABS-222-RC speaker has solder pads for connection.  It is a 36mm mylar, 8ohm, 1W speaker.Standard speaker fitted with 150mm wire leads and Molex KK connector.

Customisation Process

We work closely with our customers and supplier to ensure we understand the specifics of the application and the design requirements. Customer drawings greatly assist in this process. Our supplier produces samples according to the specification and confirms lead-times and minimum order quantities. Minimum order quantities will apply for customised products.

We have a very strong working relationship with our miniature speaker manufacturer. They have been supplying Alan Butcher Components for over twenty years and we are extremely confident in the quality of their products and the technical service they provide.



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