New 250V Neon Indicators

Green Neon Indicator 12mm - SX41211F2E00000
red 13mm signal lamp - SX43211F3G00000
12mm Neon Indicator - SX41211F2H00000

New 250V Neon Indicators From Alan Butcher Components

We have recently extended our panel neon indicator range to include 12mm and 13mm lights.  The SX412 and SX432 series from Signal Lux are high quality, competitively priced panel indicators.  They are easy to fit, durable and stylish!

SX412 Series Red Neon Indicator - SX41211F2G00000

Panel Cutout: 12mm
Lens Diameter: 14mm
Voltage: 250VAC
Lamp: Neon
Colours: Red, Green, Amber
Temperature: T120
Terminals: 6.3x0.8mm tabs
Approvals: VDE, CE


SX432 SeriesGreen 13mm signal lamp - SX43211F3E00000

Panel Cutout: 13mm
Lens Diameter: 15mm
Voltage: 250VAC
Lamp: Neon
Colours: Red, Green, Amber
Temperature: T150
Terminals: 6.3x0.8mm tabs
Approvals: VDE, CE


Applications for these new 250V neon indicators include irons, vacuum cleaners, computers, control panels, refrigerators & freezers, ovens and hobs, washing machines & dishwashers.


Signal Lux Brand

These Signal Lux neon indicators are manufactured by the Everel Group, Italy. Everel is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic and electro mechanical components, primarily developed for household appliances. Over the years, their industry focus has expanded into a wide range of markets including Heating & ventilation, garden and outdoor, healthcare and automotive.  Supplying many of the key appliance manufacturers, they are renowned for the quality of their products and technical capabilities.

Alan Butcher Components has been representing Everel within the UK for over 30 years.  We provide excellent customer service along with technical expertise and support.  We have area sales representatives available to discuss you application in detail should you prefer a face to face approach.  We are a family business and there is always someone to answer the phone.  Contact us for more information on the SX412 and SX432 ranges. We will be happy to provide a quotation and samples for evaluation so, please call us on 01258 456360 or email

Alternatively, you can visit our website at and view our whole product range.

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