New Miniature Speakers Added to Range!

100ohm miniature speaker - ABS-261-RCMiniature Speaker 8ohm Rectangular - ABS-265-RC8ohm 3W Miniature Speaker - ABS-267-RC

We’ve added new miniature speakers to our range! Working closely with our supplier and customers, these new dynamic speakers have been selected to offer greater variety and technical choice. We have enhanced our porfolio with square, rectangular and circular speakers; mylar, paper and PEEK cone speakers. All have small dimensions suitable for compact devices that require speech and music reproduction. These include applications such as headsets, PDAs, model trains, security access systems, medical products, smart phones, computers and lift panels.

Miniature Speaker 40mm 8ohm - ABS-264-RC

We now stock the ABS-261-RC which is a 100ohm, 20mm speaker. Higher ohm speakers are often used in toy and model railway applications as they frequently use digital amplifiers which do not suit lower ohm speakers.


Miniature speaker 8ohm rectangular - ABS-258-RC

The ABS-258-RC is our smallest speaker to date. With dimensions of 12x6x2mm, it generates extremely good sound quality for a component it’s size.


If you are looking for a higher power dynamic speaker, the ABS-266-RC or ABS-259-RC could well be options. Both have a maximum power rating of 3W. For a speaker that is easy to mount and already encased, try the ABS-263-RC.

2W Miniature Speaker 8ohm - ABS-266-RC
ABS-259-RC                    ABS-263-RC    Dynamic Speaker 43x40mm 8ohm - ABS-263-RC

We have a comprehensive range of high-quality miniature speakers in stock. Take a look at the Miniature Speakers page on our website and review the products we offer – .

We will be happy to provide a sample for evaluation along with technical support if needed. In addition, we can discuss options to customise speakers.  This could include supplying a speaker with pre-assembled wires and connector to reduce production times.

Please call or email with any questions – we are here to help.

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