New Piezo Buzzers And Miniature Speakers

Alan Butcher Components

New Products From Alan Butcher Components!

Alan Butcher Components is pleased to announce the addition of new piezo buzzers and miniature speakers to our range.

Miniature Speakers:


4ohm rectangular miniature speaker
• Miniature rectangular 4ohm speaker, 2Wmax.
• The linked twin speakers help to improve SPL and sound quality.
• Excellent miniature speaker for voice and music reproduction.
• Suitable for a wide range of applications including Bluetooth products, PDAs and for products where space is a premium.


Micro Speaker With Leads - ABS-249-RC• Very small, compact, low profile speaker
• 8ohm speaker, 11mm×15mm×3.0tmm
• Fitted with leads and adhesive tape to enable easy fixing within an application.
• Suitable for mobile phones, PDAs and Bluetooth products.



Piezo Buzzers:

Piezo buzzer with feedback - ABT-466-RCPiezo Buzzer with feedback lead - ABT-467-RCPiezo Buzzer 110dB - ABT-468-RC

ABT-466-RC   ABT-467-RC     ABT-468-RC

• Three 9V buzzers, 40mm diameter
• Very loud at 110dB
• Suitable for panel alarms, access and security applications.
• The ABT-466-RC and ABT-467-RC have a feedback option and can be run using either DC or AC voltage. If using a square wave (AC), the feedback pin or lead does not need to be connected. The feedback line on a transducer is used to create a voltage which in turn creates a simple, self-oscillating circuit. A reference circuit is provided on the data sheets. This enables the optimum sound levels to be produced.


ABT-469-RC Piezo Transducer With Feedback - ABT-469-RC
• 12VDC piezo transducer fitted with feedback lead.
• The buzzer is supplied with mounting adhesive and leads fitted with connector for easy fitting.
• Loud buzzer – minimum of 105dB at 10cm




ABT-470-RCPiezo transducer 110dB - ABT-470-RC
• 12Vp-p piezo transducer fitted with 100mm leads.
• 30mm diameter
• Sound output is a minimum of 110dB
• Suitable for a variety of applications which need a loud but relatively small alarm device.




ABI-058-RCPiezo Buzzer 12VDC - ABI-058-RC
• Compact piezo buzzer with internal drive circuit
• 15mm dia with 7.6mm pin spacing
• Voltage range is 1-18VDC, frequency 4000Hz
• Relatively high sound output for its size – 85dB


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