Piezo Buzzer Distributor

Alan Butcher Components has been supplying piezo buzzers for over 30 years.  We specialise in distributing high quality, reliable audio products suitable for a wide range of applications.  So, what makes us different from other suppliers?  Why should you choose Alan Butcher Components as your piezo buzzer distributor?  Here are just a few reasons:


small buzzer - ABI-057-RCOur range is comprehensive. Whether you need continuous or intermittent-tone buzzers, loud/high output devices or ultra-miniature components, we will be able to help.

Small Surface Mount Buzzer - ABT-461-RCThere is an easy to use selection criteria on our website – you can identify the product you need by rated voltage, sound output, diameter, terminal type, tone and pin-pitch.

Slow Pulse 12V Buzzer - ABI-056-RTechnical support – if you are unsure of your buzzer requirements or need a non-standard product we are here to assist. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will discuss your application with you and help to find the most suitable solution.  Our area representatives are on hand to visit should you prefer a face-to-face meeting.

1.5V Buzzer - ABT-408-RCWe can provide competitive alternatives to other brands of piezo buzzers. Just send us the part number and we will do the cross-referencing.

IP54 Buzzer - ABI-047-RCSamples are available free of charge.

Panel Mount Buzzer - ABI-024-RCWe will provide updates on your delivery. We understand the importance of communication throughout the order process.

Piezo Buzzers 12VDC - ABI-001-RCYour phone call will be answered by someone in our team. We do not use an electronic phone system or voicemail.

6VDC Low Frequency Buzzer - ABI-048-RCWe supply the ABI and ABT range of piezo buzzers, widely recognised throughout the industry.

ABI – DC devices with internal drive circuits. These are also known as audio indicators and can be piezo or electro mechanical.

ABT – AC devices requiring additional circuitry to generate sound. These are also known as audio transducers and can be piezo or electro mechanical.


Sourcing the right piezo buzzer is not always easy and our aim is to make the process as simple as possible.  If you need a dependable, experienced piezo buzzer distributor who answers your telephone call and replies to your emails, then please contact us!


We look forward to hearing from you.


Tel: 01258 456360 Email: sales@abcomponents.co.uk Website: www.abcomponents.couk