50mm Piezo Element - ABT-463-RC

Piezo Element

(Code: ABT-463-RC)

50mm dia, 1200Hz, multi-purpose piezo element fitted with leads and mounting ring

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    Product Description

    Type: 50mm Piezo element
    Resonant Frequency: 1200Hz
    Resonant Impedance (Max): 3500 ohms
    Capacitance: 65nF at 120Hz
    Input Voltage (Max): 30Vp-p
    Diameter: 50mm

    Lead Length: 100mm

    • Multi-purpose, low profile piezo ceramic element.
    • Fitted with mounting ring and 100mm leads.
    • Designers have the flexibility to develop their own resonant cavity in order to generate the required sound for their application.
    • Additional circuitry necessary to produce a sound.