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Berker Socket Outlets

To view the complete Berker socket range, please download a copy of the Berker Business Solutions catalogue.

As the official UK distributor for Berker socket outlets, Alan Butcher Components is proud to present this beautifully designed, versatile product range.  The small dimensions of the sockets and their low installation depths ensure they are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Most notably, Berker offers a wide range of international socket outlet systems ensuring applications can reach a global market.  Whether you need a SCHUKO socket, a NEMA socket for the USA/Canada or a British standard socket outlet, we are able to supply it.  The Berker Integro range also includes sockets for modern communication systems such as USB charging sockets, HDMI sockets and TV/SAT sockets.

These sockets, combined with the Berker Integro frames, offer a modular product system which ensures continuity of design.  This, along with their reputation for high quality and durability, ensures Berker socket outlets are a preferred choice for many of our customers.  Please browse the sockets range and call 01258 456360 for assistance or to request a quotation.