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Audio Indicators (DC) – Piezo Buzzer & Electro Mech Buzzer

Audio indicators are buzzer and sounder products with their own internal drive circuits.  They don’t need external circuity to produce a sound and just require a DC voltage.  Our range includes piezo buzzer and electro-mechanical devices from 1.5 to 24VDC.  We also have mains rated audio indicators.

The buzzers are available with PCB pins, flying leads, surface mount or panel mount.  The majority of our products are continuous tone however, we also offer buzzers with slow and fast pulse tones.  Sound outputs range from 75dB to 105dB.

To help you find the piezo buzzer you need, you can search the products using the following attributes: rated voltage, sound output, diameter and terminal type.  Data sheets are available on each product page and please click on the product enquiry to request a quote or sample.