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Piezo Transducer

Piezo transducer buzzers require external circuitry to generate a sound.  Design engineers need to use their own drive circuits or processors to produce the sound output required for their application.

Alan Butcher Components supplies audio transducer buzzers from 1.5Vp-p to 15Vp-p with sound outputs up to 90dB.  Buzzers are available with PCB pins, flying leads or surface mount.  The range includes piezo transducer buzzers and electro-mechanical buzzers.  Piezo transducers use less current than the electro-mechanical devices.  Our smallest surface mount transducer, the ABMT-801-RC, is only 5mmx5mm, suitable for applications where space is limited. The ABT-408-RC and ABT-412-RC are “side-firing” devices, where the sound is emitted from openings on the side of the product rather than the top.

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