Electric Motors & Ventilation Fans

Everel   Giem Electric Motors

Electric Motors & Ventilation Fans

The Everel/Giem brands combine to offer energy efficient, high performing electric motors & ventilation fans. Their technical expertise within this area provides outstanding solutions for a wide variety of applications including small appliances, oven, dishwasher and heating / ventilation products. By investing in technology, automation and it’s people, Everel maintains a high reputation within this field.

Why Everel Motors & Ventilation Fans?

  • European manufacturing point
  • Flexible solutions
  • High quality products
  • Energy efficiency
  • High performance

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Everel’s Electric Motors

Everel specialises in EC motors. Their EC motors are brushless motors that incorporate a built in power invertor to convert AC voltage to DC. They are energy efficient, consuming less power than AC motors. EC motors are also fully programmable so users have the flexibility to select a programme best suited to their application.

Everel’s Ventillation Fans

Everel design ventilation fan units for appliances in which forced air cooling is required. These fan blower systems are quiet, reliable and available in different versions to better fit and integrate with a wide range of applications.


Oven Ventilation System – this oven cooling fan is designed to cool ovenVentilation fans doors and handles as well as enabling the extraction of cooking vapours. It comes in two sizes, one for ovens up to 600mm and one for ovens up to 900mm. For ovens where space is a premium Everel offer a tangential fan unit with smaller dimensions.Ventilation fans

Dishwasher Ventilation System – this is a fan blower unit suitable for the drying phase in a dishwasher. It enables reduced drying times and cools the exterior of the washing tank.

Everels’ EC motors are small electric motors suitable for Heating & Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Industrial Pumps, Machinery & Ventilation  EC motor

Small electric motors

 Shaded Pole Motors – ideal for small spaces, the Everel motors offer high electromagnetic efficiency. They meet the requirements for many applications including ventilators, fan heaters, air cleaners and humidifiers.

Fan blowerFan Blower Unit – with a depth of 50mm, this fan blower has been designed for major household appliances.

Everel Technical Support

Because every customer application is different, Everel works closely with customers to identify the motor or ventilation unit that suits their specific needs. They look at aspects like dimensions, cable length, fastenings, number of rotations, speed and energy saving requirements.

Find Out More

First, visit the Everel website at https://www.everelgroup.com/en/motors-ventilation-fans/
Here, you will find more information about the products and the manufacturer. You can also download data sheets, approval certificates and application details.

Secondly, give us a call. We are the official UK agent and distributor for Everel. We will be pleased to discuss your application in more detail and work with you to identify the most suitable solution. Please note that all small electric motors and ventilation fans are built to exact customer specifications so will be subject to minimum order quantities.

Call 01258 456360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk

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