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Reed Switches and Sensors

Alan Butcher Components supplies reed switches and reed sensors manufactured by PIC GmbH, Germany.

Reed switches and sensors offer a highly economic, non-touch switching solution.  Because they are hermetically sealed, these products are particularly suitable for harsh environments.  They are widely used within every day applications, such as:

  • Washing machine door lock controls
  • Window and door security systems
  • Medical products – pace makers and hearing aids
  • Speedometers

Please click on the following link for detailed application notes, illustrating where and how reed sensors and level sensors are used – PIC_Applications

Reed switches and reed sensors are activated by a magnet.  A pair of reeds overlap at their free ends (contact area). These contacts are plated with Ruthenium or Rhodium and in the presence of a magnetic field the reeds become magnetised, attracting each other and closing the contact.

Magnets can also be purchased from Alan Butcher Components.  You can click on the PIC logo for more information and please contact us for a quotation or further assistance. You can also download a copy of their catalogue from our catalogue page.