• Switch Accessories

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    Switch Accessories

    Alan Butcher Components supplies a wide range of switch accessories for our switch products.  We stock coloured caps which snap fit on to the SP60 series push button switches.  The caps are available in red, green, orange, yellow, white and black.  Splash proof caps can be fitted to our push button and rocker switches. These caps snap-fit on to the switch and provide protection up to IP65.  They fit switches with the following cut-outs: 13x19mm, 11x30mm, 22x30mm, Ø16mm, Ø20mm and Ø25mm. The Deca Switchlab range of push buttons and pilot lights are available with various lamp and lens options. We can supply incandescent, neon or LED lamps in a range of voltages.  The lenses are round, rectangular or square in red, green, blue, orange, white or yellow. Please take a look at our switch accessories range and complete an enquiry form on the product page if you would like to receive a quote, sample or further information.
  • Anti-Vandal Switches

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    Anti-Vandal Switches

    We supply a broad range of Anti Vandal switches to suit a variety of applications.  These include vandal resistant switches with ring or dot illumination.  There is a choice of colours, IP ratings (IP40, IP65 and IP67) and voltages (12VDC, 24VDC or 250VAC).  They are also supplied with internal resistors. Vandal switches are available in stainless steel, brass, nickel plated brass and black PBT with screw or solder tab terminations.  Actuators can be domed, flat or raised.  We offer these push switches with 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm cut-outs.  The switching actions can be momentary or latching. Due to the wide choice of switch options, not all items are held in stock.  However, our lead-times are not extensive; between 4-6 weeks for this range. We can also hold buffer stocks or work to scheduled deliveries. Our robust, high quality anti-vandal switches are built for tough, demanding environments.  So, if you have a particular requirement or would like assistance to find the switch you need, please call us on 01258 456360 or send us an email sales@abcomponents.co.uk
  • Capacitive Touch Switches

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    Touch Switches

    Capacitive touch switches are a popular design choice for modern applications. They are robust, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Applications include domestic appliances, vending machines, industrial controls, infotainment centers and medical and food products.  Our touch switches are an extension to our anti-vandal switch range and are also known as capacitive vandal resistant switches. Key features for our range:
    • Finger touch trigger, even when wearing medical gloves
    • Ring illumination
    • Internal resistor - no need to connect an external resistor
    • Electrical endurance – 50,000,000 cycles
    • Durable and waterproof with IP68 rating
    • Visually striking switches suitable for a wide variety of applications, particularly where product appearance is key.
    Customer requirements for touch switches are frequently specific to individual applications. Therefore, our range offers numerous product variations.   This enables considerable design freedom.  Please note, minimum order quantities will apply, however, these are relatively small. Switch Options:
    • Cut-out – 16mm/19mm/22mm
    • Latching & Momentary / Normally Open & Normally Closed
    • Illumination – Non-illuminated/Single LED/Dual LED
    • LED voltage – 5VDC/12VDC/24VDC
    • Colours – Green/Red/Blue/White/Orange
    • Various button symbols
    For more information on our touch switch range, please call 01258 456360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk We will be very happy to discuss the various options with you.
  • Float Switch

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    Float Switch

    Float switch

    A float switch detects liquid levels within an application. They are also known as level sensors. They are widely used to activate alarms, pumps, control devices and as an indicator of the liquid level. The float switches supplied by Alan Butcher Components use reed switch technology to activate. A reed switch is contained within the stem of the product. An external float with a magnet rises and falls depending on the level of liquid. The reed switch is turned on or off as the magnet passes as shown in the below diagram:

    Float switch activation

    We offer both Normally Open (Form A) and Normally Closed (Form B) level sensors. Form A switches are used in applications where you need to detect when the fluid rises to a certain level. A Form B float switch is suitable for applications where the switch activates if the fluid lowers to a certain level, for example in a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners require water to operate and a float switch can be used to detect when the water container needs refilling.

    Float Switch Form A & B

    A float switch can be mounted at the bottom or top of the fluid container, however, when mounted stem up, operating functions are reversed.

    Float switch mounting

    Alan Butcher Components supply the PLS range of float switches. This range is manufactured by PIC GmbH based in Nuremburg, Germany.

    Float Switches

    Vertical Float Switches - PLS-041-B-6Horizontal Float Switch pls092a3pphSide Mounting Float Switch - PLS-080A-6VAL
    There are various switch options available: Material - Polypropylene, Polyamide and Stainless Steel 304 Mounting – top, bottom & side Rating – up to 250V/50W Size – from stem length 29.5mm to stem length 81mm Advantages Key advantages of the PLS level sensor range include: • No power supply required – The reed switch technology is extremely efficient as a reed switch draws no power. A magnet changes the state of the reed switch with no power consumption. • Suitable for food contact • Most variants rated up to IP67 • UL and CSA approval on the majority of products • RoHS and REACH compliant • Customised version available. Talk to us about the specifics of your application and we will try to help. The PLS series can be used in most liquids such as water, acids and oils. For more information on the suitability of housing materials with various types of liquid, please click on the following link - https://www.pic-gmbh.com/en/tech-center/housing-materials/faq/ To support this comprehensive range of float switches, PIC supply customised Reed Chains. Reed switches and resistors are mounted onto a PCB. This PCB, now called a Reed Chain, is inserted into a long stem and a matching float moves up and down the stem, according to the liquid level. With the magnet inside the float switching the reed switches on and off, the total resistance changes. This change in resistance provides easy, seamless and continuous level information. Further details on Reed Chains can be found on the PIC website - https://www.pic-gmbh.com/en/products/reed-chains/ Click on the link then contact us to discuss your application – telephone 01258 456360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk Applications Applications are varied and below are some examples: Fluid tanks – tanks within industrial environments or machines contain fluids, lubricants and other materials necessary for their operation. A float switch can be used to detect the level of these fluids, activating an alarm or indicator light to advise the operator. Condenser Tumble Dryers – excess water is collected in a condensate tank when drying clothes in a condenser tumble dryer. Float switches raise a warning when the level of this fluid reaches a critical point. Some dryers also use a float switch to control integrated pumps that remove the water. Coffee machines – use a combination of reed sensors and floats. A reed sensor within the coffee maker housing is activated by a magnet contained within a float located within the detachable water tank. When the water level reduces to a specified level, an alarm is issued and no more coffee is produced. This protects the machine from running dry. Popular Products The small float switch, PLS-020-A-3, is one of our most popular products. Branded by PIC as the “world’s smallest”, this ultra-miniature device is fantastic for applications where space is limited. It weighs less than 6g. Key attributes:        Small Float Switch - PLS-020-B-3 Contact Form: A Power: 10W/VA Switching voltage (VDC): 180 Dimensions: 29.5x18mm Material: Polypropylene housing Click on the following link to download the technical data sheet from our website - https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/float-switch-pls-020-a-3/ Our PLS-031 series, 43x24mm, small float switch is also popular with customers. Key products are the PLS-031-A-3 and PLS-031-A-6:
    Contact FormAA
    Switching Voltage200VDC/140VAC200VDC/250VAC
    MaterialPolypropylene housingPolypropylene housing
     Float Switches - PLS-031-A-3Float Switches 240V - PLS-031-A-6
    For more information on these items, click on the above image and use the “enquire about this product” form on the product page. You can then request additional technical details, a quotation or sample for evaluation. Please add your telephone number if you would like us to call you back. Alan Butcher Components has been working with PIC for over 15 years. PIC has more than 40 years’ experience within the field of reed sensor technology and has developed considerable technical expertise over this time. With production facilities in Turkey and China, they are able to offer customers specialised solutions quickly and efficiently. Their customers are varied and include white goods, home appliance, automotive, medical and measure-and-control manufacturers. At Alan Butcher Components, we supply to companies within inkjet printing, infection control, floor cleaning and the beverage industry. We also sell in to leading mainline distributors. Our strong relationship with PIC ensures we are confident in the quality of the products we sell and have the expertise available should technical queries arise. This communication enables us to respond to enquiries effectively and support our customers, providing the high level of service we expect to deliver. Contact Us For more information on our product range, please contact us: T: 01258 456360 Email: sales@abcomponents.co.uk Website contact form: https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/contact/ We also have area sales representatives who would be happy to visit if you wish to discuss your application in more detail. Please visit the “contact us” page to contact them directly and arrange a visit or call back - https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/contact/ We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Push Button Switches

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    Push Button Switch

    What are push button switches? Push button switches are widely used on a daily basis within the home, office, industry and outdoor environments. Also known as pushbutton switches or push switches, these simple devices are activated by finger or hand to make or break an electrical circuit. How does a push button switch work? The majority of push button switches work in the same way. When the actuator or button is pressed, a spring and moveable contacts inside the switch are pushed down, touching stationary contacts at the bottom of the switch. This will either close or open an electrical circuit. When the button is released or pressed again, the spring retracts and the state of the circuit is changed again. The below picture shows the internal workings of a typical single pole push button switch: Internal workings of a push button switch Types of Push Button Switches There are two basic types of push switch – Momentary and Latching. Momentary – a momentary switch requires the operator to keep pressing the actuator to activate or deactivate the circuit. When the button is released the circuit returns to its original state. The electrical symbol for a momentary push switch is illustrated below. The triangles depict the momentary action. The poles relate to the number of circuits the switch can operate.
    Single Pole Momentary Double Pole Momentary
    SP momentary push button circuit diagramDP momentary push button circuit diagram
    Latching – a latching push button switch maintains its state until pressed. It needs to be pressed again to return the circuit to its original state. Below are electrical symbols for this type of push switch:
    Single Pole LatchingDouble Pole Latching
    SP latching push button switch circuit diagramDP latching push button switch circuit diagram
    What is the difference between a Push to Make Switch and Push to Break Switch?

    Push to Make Switch

    Also known as Normally Open (NO). It is the most common switch form. The electrical flow in a circuit is activated when the push button is pressed. When the button is released, the circuit is broken.

    Push to Break Switch

    Also known as Normally Closed (NC). This type of switch works in the opposite way. In its normal state the switch will allow electricity to flow through the circuit. When the switch is pressed the circuit is broken. A typical example is the fridge light switch. When the fridge door is closed, the button in the door is pressed deactivating the circuit. When the door opens the button is released and the light comes on. Switch mounting The majority of the switches we supply are panel mount and the panel cut-out size is a key factor when selecting a switch. Below is an example of the cutout information provided on technical data sheets. This refers to the size of the hole needed to fit the switch into.  We also supply surface mount devices in the form of tactile switches.  Data sheets can be download from the product pages on our website. Push button switch cutout diagram

    Miniature push button switch

    For more information on switches in general visit the following website - https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/switch-basics/all Pushbutton switches are available in huge variety of shapes, sizes, colours and terminal options. They can be rectangular, round or square. At Alan Butcher Components, we offer a comprehensive range of push button switches, including the following brands: Molveno – P1 series (16mm), SP60 series (25mm). These switches are manufactured by the Italian manufacturer, Everel. We are their UK distributor and agent. The SP60 series has a choice of coloured caps which snap fit on to the actuator. One of our most popular switches is the SP6014C10000 – SPST momentary push button switch. [products skus="P12731128000,SP6014C100000,SP6018C1F0000"] Signalux – SXL4 (13mmx19mm). The SXL4 is a rectangular push switch available in SP & DP options, latching or momentary, illuminated or non-illuminated. The Signalux brand is also manufactured by Everel, Italy. Deca SwitchLab – D16 series (16mm). These illuminated switches are modular enabling customers to select the switch, lens and lamp most suited to their needs. The switches are supported by the P16 series of pilot lights which offer visual continuity when fitted into a panel. The Deca push button switches are connected using solder terminals. They are predominantly used within control panels. Kedu – HY69 series (36.5x13.5mm). Widely used as door override switches, the HY69 range is suitable for vending machines, kiosks, gaming machines, HVAC and security devices. They enable service technicians to turn a machine on or off, allowing them to work on the internal panels for maintenance purposes. Anti vandal switches – AB-AV series (12mm, 16mm, 19mm and 22mm) Alan Butcher Components has a highly competitive range of stainless steel, anti-vandal push button switches. They are available with dot or ring illumination in a variety of cutouts. Depending on the series they can reach IP67 rating. Termination styles include solder or screw terminals. Our 12mm miniature push button switches have plastic buttons in a variety of colours. Tactile switches – We offer 6x6mm and 12x12mm tactile switches. These are miniature push button switches, widely used within control panels and keyboards. Surface mount and thru hole versions are available. Push button switch accessories 25mm Push Button CapsColoured caps are offered for the non-illuminated push buttons within our SP60 range. These snap-fit easily on to the actuator, providing a bright, tactile button for the user. Splash proof cap SP60PRT1Splash proof caps – we supply splash proof covers which snap fit over the push button switch. When fitted correctly, they provide an IP65 rating. L16mm push button switch colour lensesamps and Lenses - lamps and lenses for the Deca modular push switches, the D16 series. lamps for 16mm push button switches Please visit our switch accessories page – https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/product-category/switches/switch-accessories/ For more information on our range of pushbutton switches, please visit our website at https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/product-category/switches/push-button-switches/ From here you can use the selection criteria at the top of the page to narrow down the product search. You can select by cutout, switch action and illumination. Once on a product page, you can download the technical data sheet or complete a product enquiry form. This will enable you to request a sample, quotation or additional technical details. Please add your telephone number if you would like us to call you back. As mentioned, there is a large variety of push button switch products available. We will be very happy to discuss your application with you to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right choice. We also have area representatives who will be happy to arrange a visit to discuss your application in more detail. Click on the following link to our Contact page - https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/contact/

    Call 01258 45360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk

    About Alan Butcher Components Ltd. We are a UK distributor of electronic and electro-mechanical components. We have been supplying UK manufacturers and broadline distributors for over thirty years. Many of our customers have been with us since the beginning. Our core products include switches, piezo buzzers, miniature speakers, microphones, reed sensors, IEC connectors, neon indicators, Berker socket outlets and switch systems. We have developed strong, long term relationships with our suppliers which enables us to offer the exceptionally high level of customer service we are recognized for.

  • Rocker Switch

    Rocker Switch (88)

    Rocker Switch   Rocker Switch

    The rocker switch is one of the most common forms of switches. Its name is derived from the see saw action of the rocker - when one side of the switch is pressed, the other side raises. They are used to turn the power on and off devices and applications which are operated by electricity. There are many variations including size, contact form, voltage, illumination, number of poles and throws etc.  We will help to clarify these below:

    Poles & Throws

    Commonly these devices are described in terms of the number of poles and throws. Pole refers to the number of circuits a switch operates. Throw refers to the number of positions each switch pole can be connected to. Common switch forms:
    Contact FormSwitch FunctionCircuit Diagram
    SPST – Single Pole, Single ThrowOn-offRocker switch SPST on off
    SPDT – Single Pole, Double ThrowCentre off (on off on) or Changeover switch
    DPST – Double Pole, Single ThrowOn-off
    DPDT – Double Pole, Double ThrowCentre off (on off on) or Changeover switch

    Switch Action – Latching or Momentary?

    When selecting a rocker switch, you need to decide if you require a latching or momentary switch action. Latching - this means that the switch activates when pressed and the circuit is not broken until the switch is pressed again. Double pole, on-off, latching rocker switch Momentary – the switch circuit is connected when the actuator is pressed and disconnects as soon as the rocker is released. A momentary switch action is shown as follows: SPDT Momentary on off on switch diagramSingle pole, momentary centre-off (on)-0ff-(0n)

    Switch Ratings

    Switches are rated by their electrical characteristics. Voltage and current are the two principal ratings. Current Rating - The current rating of a switch notes the maximum amount of current the switch is designed to carry. This rating is dependent on the voltage of the circuit in which the switch is used. If the maximum current is exceeded, there is a danger that the switch contacts will weld together meaning the electrical circuit will no longer open. Voltage Rating – this refers to the maximum voltage allowable in the electrical circuit where the switch is used. The voltage rating may be given as AC or DC voltage, or both. Types of load – you also need to consider the electrical load in a circuit. Load is a generic term for something that draws power. Simply put, it is the piece of equipment you turn on and off. The amount of current drawn, multiplied by the voltage equals the amount of power used by the device. Resistive loads primarily offer resistance to the flow of current. Examples of resistive loads are heaters, ovens, toasters and irons. If the device is likely to get hot and doesn’t move, then it is most likely a resistive load. Inductive loads are generally devices that move and usually include an electric magnet, like an electric motor. Examples of inductive loads include power drills, mixers, fans, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. Transformers also produce inductive loads. High inrush loads draw a higher amount of current or amperage when first turned on compared to the amount of current required to continue running. The initial surge in current can cause switch contacts to weld together. This additional demand on a switch must be considered for applications such as Motors which often have high inrush loads.

    Rocker Switch Sizes

    The size of a rocker switch is generally referred to as “cut-out”. Rocker switches usually snap fit into a panel on an application. The cut-out is the size of the hole which the switch will fit into. Rocker switch shapes are commonly round or rectangular. We supply a whole range of rocker switch sizes to suit the majority of applications: ABSL series – 19x6.8mm slim line small rocker switch A1 series – 19x13mm A4 series – 22x19mm B1 & SX81 series – 30x11mm B4 & SX82 series – 30x22mm ABRR series – 20mm round rocker switches Above is an example of the cut out information provided on a typical data sheet.

    Switch colour, illumination and marking

    The majority of rocker switches are black or white, however, they can be supplied in a variety of colours. Most illuminated switches are red, green, amber or blue and again, other options are available particularly if using an LED lamp. Our illuminated versions are available in 12VDC or 24VDC as well as mains voltage. Markings help to show the user what position the switch is in. Standard markings such as below are widely available. [products skus="TECNO11131191000,A11131121000,ABRR003,B115C11290000"] In addition, customised markings are also available however, please be aware that additional costs and minimum order quantities will apply. [products skus="ABRR010"]

    IP65 Rated Rocker Switches

    Our B4MASK range is IP65 rated. These switches are fitted with a rubber skirt/seal which protects the internal mechanisms from water ingress. Suitable applications include pressure washers, steam cleaners, outdoor equipment, industrial machines and control panels.

    Rocker Switch Accessories

    Fitting a splash proof cap to a rocker switch increases the IP rating. Standard switches are generally rated at IP40 and when a cap is fitted correctly, the rating reaches IP65.  Following is a link to our switch accessories page on our website – https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/product-category/switches/switch-accessories/

    Rocker Switches

    At Alan Butcher Components, we stock an extensive range of rocker switches. We are the UK agent and distributor for Everel who manufacture the Molveno brand of electro mechanical components. The Molveno brand was established in 1978 and has developed a strong presence within the European household appliance market. The Everel Group headquarters is in Italy, with switch products manufactured on site and in Romania – www.everelgroup.com  Everel switches are extremely high quality products. We have been working with Everel since we started our business in 1986 and are proud to represent them within the UK. In addition to the Molveno products, we offer our own branded rocker switches. We have worked with our supplier for over 15 years and developed a strong working relationship. This ensures we are confident in the quality of the products we sell and have the expertise available should technical queries arise. This relationship enables us to respond to enquiries quickly, particularly regarding lead-times and customised products.

    Rocker Switches UK – Our Most Popular Products

    As mentioned, we have a huge variety of sizes, colours, switch functions and voltages. Below are links to some of our most popular products which are used in a wide cross section of industries and applications: ABRR series [products skus="ABRR001,ABRR021,ABRR011,ABRR012,ABRR013,ABRR030,ABRR031"] A series – small rocker switch range [products skus="A11132200000,A11131100000,A81231121000"] B series [products skus="B115C11000000,B412C11210000,B418C1G000000,B4MASK52N112100"] SX Series [products skus="SX81111811210000,SX82112811210000,SX8211881E110000,SX8211881G110000"]

    12V Rocker Switch

    When choosing a switch to use in an electrical design, many people believe they can use any switch, providing its current rating is more than the maximum load in the circuit. This, of course is not true.  Direct current (dc) is used in different circuits to alternating current (ac) switch applications. Low voltage switching speed can be very important due to the internal function of the switch. When a 12v rocker switch is turned off in a low voltage system an arc is created inside of the switch. In this application the arc can take longer to extinguish itself making the switching speed important.  The longer a switch takes to open or break the power to the circuit, the more prolonged the arc.  This can result in the switch contacts becoming pitted which can potentially lead to overheating.  So, in the case of a 12vdc system the correct choice of 12v rocker switch is important. For more information on these products, click on the link and use the “enquire about this product” form on the product page. You can then request additional technical details, a quotation or free sample for evaluation. Please add your telephone number if you would like us to call you back. As mentioned, there is a large variety of rocker switch products available. We will be very happy to discuss your application with you to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right choice.

    Call 01258 456360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk

  • Rotary Switches

    Rotary Switches (2)

    Rotary Switches

    As the UK distributor for the Molveno brand of switches, Alan Butcher Components supplies the R1 series of rotary switches.  Typical applications include fan heaters, small ovens, cleaners, air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. The switch functions available are 30° steps up to 6 positions, single pole or double pole.  The switch cut-out is 28mm between the fixing screws.  Theses rotary switches are available with or without shafts, which need to be ordered separately.  There are 4 shaft lengths offered.    Not all options are shown so please give us a call on 01258 456360 and we can help to identify the switch that suits your application.  The complete Molveno R1 series range can be viewed on the Everel website at http://www.everel.eu/appliances/switches/rotary-switches/R1
  • Slide Switches

    Slide Switches (3)

    Slide Switches

    We supply the Molveno brand of LF series slide switches manufactured by Everel in Italy.  The LF series is available in 2, 3 and 4 positions and rated at 8A/250VAC.  These are robust, competitively priced switches and typical applications include cooker hoods, hairdryers, showers, heating and ventilation controls.  The LF switches are ENEC and UL approved and heat and fire resistant to GWFI 850°C and GWIT 750°C. Not all options are shown and the complete Molveno LF series range can be viewed on the Everel website at https://www.everelgroup.com/en/products/switches/slide-switches  Please take a look and give us a call on 01258 456360.  We will be happy to help you identify the switch you need.
  • Splash Proof Switches

    Splash Proof Switches (13)

    Splash Proof Switches We supply splash proof rocker switches and splash proof push button switches with IP54 and IP65 ratings.  Typical applications include outdoor electrical equipment, pumps, high pressure cleaners, steam cleaners, industrial machines and cutters.  The Molveno IP65 RMASK and B4MASK series switches have a rubber seal to protect the internal switch mechanisms.  The SXA4 series is a twin push button switch designed with a gasket to help protect against water ingress to IP54. Many of our standard push button and rocker switches can be fitted with splash proof caps and bezels to provide an IP65 splash proof rating. To ensure the stated protection, splash proof switches must be mounted and fitted correctly.  We are happy to provide samples for testing and data sheets can be downloaded from the product page on this website.  Please contact us if you have any questions or require technical assistance.   Call 01258 456360 or complete an enquiry form and we will be happy to help.


We offer an extensive range of switch products including rocker, push button, anti-vandal, float, slide, rotary and tactile.  Our illuminated switches are available in 240V, 24V and 12V in various colours and sizes.  We supply anti-vandal push buttons with ring and dot illumination up to IP67, also in various colours and sizes.  We have a variety of DP & SP latching and momentary switch products and please use the search criteria on the push switch, rocker switch, anti-vandal and splash-proof switch pages.

Alan Butcher Components Ltd. is the official UK distributor for the Molveno switch brand, manufactured by Everel in Italy.  Their rocker, push button, slide and rotary switches are manufactured to the highest quality and are competitively priced.  We also supply Deca SwitchLab 16mm pushbuttons and pilot lights.

In addition, we offer switch accessories such as splash proof caps for rocker and push button switches and coloured caps, lamps and lenses for pushbuttons.

Our products can be found in a wide variety of applications including domestic appliances, security products, medical applications, cleaning devices, pumps, printers and pet care products.  Click on the options above to view our range.