• Switch Accessories

    Switch Accessories (11)

    Switch Accessories

    Alan Butcher Components supplies a wide range of switch accessories for our switch products.  We stock coloured caps which snap fit on to the SP60 series push button switches.  The caps are available in red, green, orange, yellow, white and black.  Splash proof caps can be fitted to our push button and rocker switches. These caps snap-fit on to the switch and provide protection up to IP65.  They fit switches with the following cut-outs: 13x19mm, 11x30mm, 22x30mm, Ø16mm, Ø20mm and Ø25mm. The Deca Switchlab range of push buttons and pilot lights are available with various lamp and lens options. We can supply incandescent, neon or LED lamps in a range of voltages.  The lenses are round, rectangular or square in red, green, blue, orange, white or yellow. Please take a look at our switch accessories range and complete an enquiry form on the product page if you would like to receive a quote, sample or further information.
  • Anti-Vandal Switches

    Anti-Vandal Switches (64)

    Anti-Vandal Switches

    We supply a broad range of Anti Vandal switches to suit a variety of applications.  These include vandal resistant switches with ring or dot illumination.  There is a choice of colours, IP ratings (IP40, IP65 and IP67) and voltages (12VDC, 24VDC or 250VAC).  They are also supplied with internal resistors. Vandal switches are available in stainless steel, brass, nickel plated brass and black PBT with screw or solder tab terminations.  Actuators can be domed, flat or raised.  We offer these push switches with 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm cut-outs.  The switching actions can be momentary or latching. Due to the wide choice of switch options, not all items are held in stock.  However, our lead-times are not extensive; between 4-6 weeks for this range. We can also hold buffer stocks or work to scheduled deliveries. Our robust, high quality anti-vandal switches are built for tough, demanding environments.  So, if you have a particular requirement or would like assistance to find the switch you need, please call us on 01258 456360 or send us an email sales@abcomponents.co.uk
  • Capacitive Touch Switches

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    Touch Switches

    Capacitive touch switches are a popular design choice for modern applications. They are robust, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Applications include domestic appliances, vending machines, industrial controls, infotainment centers and medical and food products.  Our touch switches are an extension to our anti-vandal switch range and are also known as capacitive vandal resistant switches. Key features for our range:
    • Finger touch trigger, even when wearing medical gloves
    • Ring illumination
    • Internal resistor - no need to connect an external resistor
    • Electrical endurance – 50,000,000 cycles
    • Durable and waterproof with IP68 rating
    • Visually striking switches suitable for a wide variety of applications, particularly where product appearance is key.
    Customer requirements for touch switches are frequently specific to individual applications. Therefore, our range offers numerous product variations.   This enables considerable design freedom.  Please note, minimum order quantities will apply, however, these are relatively small. Switch Options:
    • Cut-out – 16mm/19mm/22mm
    • Latching & Momentary / Normally Open & Normally Closed
    • Illumination – Non-illuminated/Single LED/Dual LED
    • LED voltage – 5VDC/12VDC/24VDC
    • Colours – Green/Red/Blue/White/Orange
    • Various button symbols
    For more information on our touch switch range, please call 01258 456360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk We will be very happy to discuss the various options with you.
  • Float Switches

    Float Switches (15)

    Float Switches

    Alan Butcher Components is a distributor of the PIC GmbH range of float switches.  The PLS float switch series offers two ratings: 130VAC/10W or 250VAC/50W.  We supply both normally open and normally closed versions for top, bottom or side mounting.  The majority of our stocked products have Polypropylene or Stainless Steel housings however, the range is also available with Polyamide housings. The PLS-020 is only 30mm in length and is considered to be one of the smallest float switch products available.  The stainless steel switches are highly durable and can operate in temperatures up to 125°C. The PLS switches incorporate a reed switch in the stem.  There is a magnet inside the float which operates the reed switch depending on the liquid level.  They do not require a power supply to operate.  Please click on the following link for information on typical applications - PIC_Applications Please browse our range and call 01258 456360 for more information or a quote.
  • Push Button Switches

    Push Button Switches (31)

    Push Button Switches

    Alan Butcher Components is the UK distributor for Everel in Italy who manufacture the Molveno brand of switches.  Their 25mm cut-out, SP60 push button switches are single pole or double pole, latching or momentary and may be fitted with coloured caps and/or a splash proof cover to meet IP65 protection. The SXL4 rectangular push switch is another popular range and is available illuminated or non-illuminated.  In addition, the Molveno push switches include the IP65 rated RMASK series, the SXA4 twin push switches and the P16 series 16mm push buttons. We also supply the D16 series pushbutton switches and indicator lights from Deca SwitchLab.  These 16mm, latching or momentary push switches and indicators have round, square or rectangular buttons.  They are illuminated switches using LED or Neon lamps with various colour options. Our push button door override switches are manufactured by KEDU - HY69 and HY69-2.  They are typically used in applications where a service technician needs to turn a machine on or off to be able to work on the internal panels ie. vending machines, kiosks, gaming machines, slot machines, HVAC equipment and security devices. As a respected UK distributor of electronic components, our range of Push Button Switches is extensive.  Please browse through our products and if you would like a quotation or need assistance, please call on 01258 456360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk
  • Rocker Switch

    Rocker Switch (83)

    Rocker Switch

    We have a huge range of rocker switches in a variety of sizes, colours, switch functions and voltages. The majority of our rocker switches are manufactured by Everel in Italy who produce the Molveno brand of switches.  The Molveno range includes Single and Double Pole rocker switches, illuminated and non-illuminated, momentary, latching, changeover and centre-off versions.  The SX81 and 82 series are rated at 20A and available in 11x30mm and 22x30mm cut-outs.  The 13x19mm A1 series miniature rocker switch range is popular and well established with options to suit most applications requiring a switch of this size.

    Rocker Switches

    In addition, we offer a variety of our own brand switches including the ABRR series round rocker switches.  Our illuminated versions are available in 12VDC or 24VDC as well as mains voltage. The ABSL-001 slimline switch has been designed for products where space is limited, with a cut-out of 7x19mm. Indicator lights in 12V, 24V and 250V are also available to match our switch designs. Whatever your application, we will try to help find the rocker switch you need.  Please browse our products then call us on 01258 456360 to request samples and a quotation.
  • Rotary Switches

    Rotary Switches (2)

    Rotary Switches

    As the UK distributor for the Molveno brand of switches, Alan Butcher Components supplies the R1 series of rotary switches.  Typical applications include fan heaters, small ovens, cleaners, air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. The switch functions available are 30° steps up to 6 positions, single pole or double pole.  The switch cut-out is 28mm between the fixing screws.  Theses rotary switches are available with or without shafts, which need to be ordered separately.  There are 4 shaft lengths offered.    Not all options are shown so please give us a call on 01258 456360 and we can help to identify the switch that suits your application.  The complete Molveno R1 series range can be viewed on the Everel website at http://www.everel.eu/appliances/switches/rotary-switches/R1
  • Slide Switches

    Slide Switches (3)

    Slide Switches

    We supply the Molveno brand of LF series slide switches manufactured by Everel in Italy.  The LF series is available in 2, 3 and 4 positions and rated at 8A/250VAC.  These are robust, competitively priced switches and typical applications include cooker hoods, hairdryers, showers, heating and ventilation controls.  The LF switches are ENEC and UL approved and heat and fire resistant to GWFI 850°C and GWIT 750°C. Not all options are shown and the complete Molveno LF series range can be viewed on the Everel website at http://www.everel.eu/appliances/switches/slide-switches/LF  Please take a look and give us a call on 01258 456360.  We will be happy to help you identify the switch you need.
  • Splash Proof Switches

    Splash Proof Switches (13)

    Splash Proof Switches We supply splash proof rocker switches and splash proof push button switches with IP54 and IP65 ratings.  Typical applications include outdoor electrical equipment, pumps, high pressure cleaners, steam cleaners, industrial machines and cutters.  The Molveno IP65 RMASK and B4MASK series switches have a rubber seal to protect the internal switch mechanisms.  The SXA4 series is a twin push button switch designed with a gasket to help protect against water ingress to IP54. Many of our standard push button and rocker switches can be fitted with splash proof caps and bezels to provide an IP65 splash proof rating. To ensure the stated protection, splash proof switches must be mounted and fitted correctly.  We are happy to provide samples for testing and data sheets can be downloaded from the product page on this website.  Please contact us if you have any questions or require technical assistance.   Call 01258 456360 or complete an enquiry form and we will be happy to help.
  • Tactile Switches

    Tactile Switches (9)

    Tactile Switches

    We offer a wide range of 6x6mm and 12x12mm tactile switches.  Surface mount and thru hole versions are available with various operating forces and button lengths.  A tactile switch is an on-off switch which only operates when the button is pressed.  Once the button is released the circuit is broken.  Applications include control panels, keyboards, keypads, detection instruments and consumer electronics. Please view our range of tactile switches.  You can download data sheets from the product pages and contact us by using the product enquiry form.  Alternatively, you can call us on 01258 456360 to request a sample and quotation.


We offer an extensive range of switch products including rocker, push button, anti-vandal, float, slide, rotary and tactile.  Our illuminated switches are available in 240V, 24V and 12V in various colours and sizes.  We supply anti-vandal push buttons with ring and dot illumination up to IP67, also in various colours and sizes.  We have a variety of DP & SP latching and momentary switch products and please use the search criteria on the push switch, rocker switch, anti-vandal and splash-proof switch pages.

Alan Butcher Components Ltd. is the official UK distributor for the Molveno switch brand, manufactured by Everel in Italy.  Their rocker, push button, slide and rotary switches are manufactured to the highest quality and are competitively priced.  We also supply Deca SwitchLab 16mm pushbuttons and pilot lights.

In addition, we offer switch accessories such as splash proof caps for rocker and push button switches and coloured caps, lamps and lenses for pushbuttons.

Our products can be found in a wide variety of applications including domestic appliances, security products, medical applications, cleaning devices, pumps, printers and pet care products.  Click on the options above to view our range.