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  • Small Float Switches - PLS-020-A-3
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    Code: PLS-020-A-3

    Normally Open, 130VAC, 18mm float diameter

    Normally Open, 130VAC, 18mm float diameter

  • Float Switches - PLS-031-A-3
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    Code: PLS-031-A-3

    Normally Open, 140VAC, float diameter 24mm

    Normally Open, 140VAC, float diameter 24mm

  • Float Switches 240V - PLS-031-A-6
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    Code: PLS-031-A-6

    Normally Open, 250VAC, float diameter 24mm

    Normally Open, 250VAC, float diameter 24mm

  • Normally Open Float Switch - PLS041-A-3
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    Code: PLS-041-A-3

    Normally Open, 140VAC, float diameter 24mm

    Normally Open, 140VAC, float diameter 24mm

  • Vertical Float Switch - PLS-041-A-6
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    Code: PLS-041-A-6

    Normally Open, 250VAC, float diameter 24mm

    Normally Open, 250VAC, float diameter 24mm

  • Stainless Steel Float Switches - PLS-045A-3VAI
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    Code: PLS-045A-3VAI

    Stainless steel, Normally Open, 140VAC, vertical, 28.2mm diameter float

    Stainless steel, Normally Open, 140VAC, vertical, 28.2mm diameter float

  • Stainless Steel Float Switch - PLS-045A-6VAI
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    Code: PLS-045A-6VAI

    Stainless steel, Normally Open, 250VAC, vertical, 28.2mm diameter float

    Stainless steel, Normally Open, 250VAC, vertical, 28.2mm diameter float

  • Side Mounting Float Switch - PLS-080A-6VAL
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    Code: PLS-080A-6VAL

    Stainless steel, side mounting, Normally Open, 250VAC, 28.4mm diameter float

    Stainless steel, side mounting, Normally Open, 250VAC, 28.4mm diameter float

  • Horizontal Float Switch pls092a3pph
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    Code: PLS-092A-3PPH

    Horizontal level sensor, normally open, 140VAC.

    Horizontal level sensor, normally open, 140VAC.

Float Switch

Float switch

A float switch detects liquid levels within an application. They are also known as level sensors. They are widely used to activate alarms, pumps, control devices and as an indicator of the liquid level.

The float switches supplied by Alan Butcher Components use reed switch technology to activate. A reed switch is contained within the stem of the product. An external float with a magnet rises and falls depending on the level of liquid. The reed switch is turned on or off as the magnet passes as shown in the below diagram:

Float switch activation

We offer both Normally Open (Form A) and Normally Closed (Form B) level sensors. Form A switches are used in applications where you need to detect when the fluid rises to a certain level. A Form B float switch is suitable for applications where the switch activates if the fluid lowers to a certain level, for example in a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners require water to operate and a float switch can be used to detect when the water container needs refilling.

Float Switch Form A & B

A float switch can be mounted at the bottom or top of the fluid container, however, when mounted stem up, operating functions are reversed.

Float switch mounting

Alan Butcher Components supply the PLS range of float switches. This range is manufactured by PIC GmbH based in Nuremburg, Germany.

Float Switches

Vertical Horizontal Side-Mounted
Vertical Float Switches - PLS-041-B-6 Horizontal Float Switch pls092a3pph Side Mounting Float Switch - PLS-080A-6VAL

There are various switch options available:

Material – Polypropylene, Polyamide and Stainless Steel 304
Mounting – top, bottom & side
Rating – up to 250V/50W
Size – from stem length 29.5mm to stem length 81mm


Key advantages of the PLS level sensor range include:

• No power supply required – The reed switch technology is extremely efficient as a reed switch draws no power. A magnet changes the state of the reed switch with no power consumption.
• Suitable for food contact
• Most variants rated up to IP67
• UL and CSA approval on the majority of products
• RoHS and REACH compliant
• Customised version available. Talk to us about the specifics of your application and we will try to help.

The PLS series can be used in most liquids such as water, acids and oils. For more information on the suitability of housing materials with various types of liquid, please click on the following link –

To support this comprehensive range of float switches, PIC supply customised Reed Chains. Reed switches and resistors are mounted onto a PCB. This PCB, now called a Reed Chain, is inserted into a long stem and a matching float moves up and down the stem, according to the liquid level. With the magnet inside the float switching the reed switches on and off, the total resistance changes. This change in resistance provides easy, seamless and continuous level information.

Further details on Reed Chains can be found on the PIC website – Click on the link then contact us to discuss your application – telephone 01258 456360 or email


Applications are varied and below are some examples:

Fluid tanks – tanks within industrial environments or machines contain fluids, lubricants and other materials necessary for their operation. A float switch can be used to detect the level of these fluids, activating an alarm or indicator light to advise the operator.

Condenser Tumble Dryers – excess water is collected in a condensate tank when drying clothes in a condenser tumble dryer. Float switches raise a warning when the level of this fluid reaches a critical point. Some dryers also use a float switch to control integrated pumps that remove the water.

Coffee machines – use a combination of reed sensors and floats. A reed sensor within the coffee maker housing is activated by a magnet contained within a float located within the detachable water tank. When the water level reduces to a specified level, an alarm is issued and no more coffee is produced. This protects the machine from running dry.

Popular Products

The small float switch, PLS-020-A-3, is one of our most popular products. Branded by PIC as the “world’s smallest”, this ultra-miniature device is fantastic for applications where space is limited. It weighs less than 6g.

Key attributes:        Small Float Switch - PLS-020-B-3
Contact Form: A
Power: 10W/VA
Switching voltage (VDC): 180
Dimensions: 29.5x18mm
Material: Polypropylene housing

Click on the following link to download the technical data sheet from our website –

Our PLS-031 series, 43x24mm, small float switch is also popular with customers. Key products are the PLS-031-A-3 and PLS-031-A-6:

PLS-031-A-3 PLS-031-A-6
Contact Form A A
Power 10 50
Switching Voltage 200VDC/140VAC 200VDC/250VAC
Dimensions 43x24mm 43x24mm
Material Polypropylene housing Polypropylene housing
  Float Switches - PLS-031-A-3 Float Switches 240V - PLS-031-A-6

For more information on these items, click on the above image and use the “enquire about this product” form on the product page. You can then request additional technical details, a quotation or sample for evaluation. Please add your telephone number if you would like us to call you back.

Alan Butcher Components has been working with PIC for over 15 years. PIC has more than 40 years’ experience within the field of reed sensor technology and has developed considerable technical expertise over this time. With production facilities in Turkey and China, they are able to offer customers specialised solutions quickly and efficiently. Their customers are varied and include white goods, home appliance, automotive, medical and measure-and-control manufacturers. At Alan Butcher Components, we supply to companies within inkjet printing, infection control, floor cleaning and the beverage industry. We also sell in to leading mainline distributors.

Our strong relationship with PIC ensures we are confident in the quality of the products we sell and have the expertise available should technical queries arise. This communication enables us to respond to enquiries effectively and support our customers, providing the high level of service we expect to deliver.

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