Push Button Switches – Managing Lead-Times & Stock Levels

AB Components

We are all facing the challenges of increased lead-times and costs due to materials and shipping. With products manufactured in Europe and China, it has been essential for us at Alan Butcher Components to manage our stock levels by working closely with our customers and understanding their needs. In turn, our suppliers have been keeping us up to date with production times and supply chain issues that could impact our orders. These relationships are important and developing them is a fundamental part of our business.Push button switchesAlan Butcher Components stocks a variety of electronic and electro-mechanical components, with switch products being a large part of our portfolio. Ensuring sufficient stock to meet customer demands has been a significant focus over recent months, particularly for us on key products like push button switches. A push button switch is one of the most versatile and widely used switch products. Available in various sizes, colour, switch function and voltage the push button switch is suitable for a broad range of applications. Therefore, demand for this type of product has been high.

Our push button switch range includes:

Blue Ring Vandal Switch - AB-AV-1610Anti Vandal Push Button Switches – robust, stainless steel switches suitable for the most demanding environments. The LED illuminated versions come in 12V, 24V, 240V options with ring or dot illumination. Due to the variety of switch options available, these products are usually specific to customer requirements and therefore not always a stock option so please call us to discuss your application.
Nickel Push Button Switch - AB-AV-1204
12mm Miniature Push Button Switches – these compact and colourful push buttons come under our anti-vandal switch range. They are rated to IP65, have a momentary switch action and are fitted with screw terminals or solder tabs. This miniature push button switch is available in blue, red, orange, green, yellow or white.

16mm rectangular push button switch - D16LAT1-1AB
16mm Pushbutton Switches – DECA SwitchLab. These illuminated, modular push button switches offer the customer significant choice. The switches are made up of separate parts enabling you to select by switch shape (circular, square, rectangular), lamp type/voltage and lens style/colour. As with the anti-vandal switches, the variety of options means we do not stock the Deca products so please give us a call – 01258 456360.

Red momentary push switch - SP6014C1R0000
25mm Push Button Switch – our 25mm cut-out, SP60 push button switches are manufactured by Everel, Italy. The switch function is either Latching or Momentary and available in Single Pole or Double Pole. They are rated at 16(6)A/250VAC with 6.3mm fast-on tabs. Coloured caps can be purchased separately to fit on to the switch button in addition to a splash proof cap which enables IP65 protection. Illuminated versions are also available and we stock the red, green and blue options.

Illuminated 240V Push Button Switch - SXL4126H1E0000W
13x19mm Push Switch – this rectangular push button switch offers a stylish alternative to the round switch option. The SXL4 range is also manufactured by Everel, a company with a long-established history of manufacturing high quality product. Latching or Momentary, Illuminated or Non-Illuminated, there will be an option to suit your needs.

The above offers some idea of the type of push button switches we supply. Visit our website www.abcomponents.co.uk or call 01258 456360 to discuss your requirements further. We stock a whole range of components so it isn’t just switches that we can help with. As mentioned, communicating with our customers is important and we are here to help you manage some of the demands of the current climate.



Our products are used in a diverse range of applications including:

  • White goods (washing machines, ovens, tumble dryers)
  • Kitchen and bathroom units
  • Medical products
  • Distribution boxes
  • Caravans and boats
  • Air conditioning and heating products
  • Household appliances (showers, coffee machines,
  • Recording studios
  • Security applications


We have established strong working relationships with all of our suppliers to ensure the products we distribute are of the highest quality. These manufacturers develop new solutions and new technologies to ensure continuous improvements to their products and processes.

With this support, Alan Butcher Components offer innovative products designed to the highest specifications and manufactured using modern, efficient production lines.

We have franchise and/or agency agreements with the following manufacturers:

  • Everel