Reed Sensor Production Capabilities

PIC – Expanding Reed Sensor Production Capabilities

Our reed switch and reed sensor supplier, PIC GmbH has been investing heavily over the past three years to enhance various aspects of their reed sensor production capabilities:

• automation
• new production lines
• high end machinery

The aim has been to increase their competitive advantage by reducing production times and improving cost-efficiency.


Reed Sensor PIC GmbH                  


Reed sensor engineering capabilities

2D/3D drawing CAD systems
Rapid prototyping and 3D printing for bespoke sensor designs
Electrical, mechanical and magnetic testing equipment
Support in certification processes
IQC and outgoing inspection processes for all material and finished goods

Reed sensor production capabilities

Automated Reed Switch sorting and testing
Automated Reed Switch cutting and bending
High-class cable processing equipment for cutting, stripping, tinning, crimping and connector assembly
Flexible tools that easily adapt to all kinds of cables and connectors
Sensor manufacturing lines with auto-potting, quality checks and computer-controlled curing process
Automated SMT lines with pick & place machines and modern reflow ovens
Test laboratory including climate chambers, salt spray tests, microscopy, and material testing
Auto packing including tap e& reel options, with MSL 5a sealing for long shelf-life of SMD products
100% outgoing inspection and tests


We would particularly like to draw your attention to their state-of-the art cable processing centre. Rather than having to use a third party assembler, PIC can now cut, strip, attach terminals and connectors to standard products as per your specification. This is all fully automated and virtually all cable and connector types can be processed.

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Future Proofing Production

PIC’s production capabilities exceed 70 million sensors per year. By optimising their production lines and updating their machines, they have increased this capacity further.  This investment ensures they will be able to manage expected future growth and continued product development.


PIC Sourcing

PIC is one of the leading suppliers of reed and hall-based sensor technology. This helps to increase their buying power for components required to manufacture their wide product portfolio. The advantage for customers is that PIC’s expertise and reputation can save costs, time and effort when sourcing products like Magnets, PCBs or injection molded parts.  PIC’s production facilities work to the highest quality standards. This ensures that their worldwide customer base is confident in the state-of-the art products PIC supplies.

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