Reed Sensors – A Sustainable Switching Technology



Alan Butcher Components supply reed switches and sensors manufactured by PIC, Germany. Using sustainable technologies is often a key consideration for design engineers. With increased environmental legislation impacting on product design, reed switches offer a non-touch switching solution for a wide variety of applications. So, what makes them a sustainable switching option?

Efficient – a reed switch draws no power. A magnet changes the state of the reed switch with no power consumption. If an application is in stand-by mode for example, the reed sensor won’t consume energy.

Recyclable – reed switches consist of glass and metal and are therefore, easy to recycle. They are also small and light weight so there is very little matter to recycle.

Long Life Expectancy – there are no wearing parts in a reed switch so they are highly reliable and have a long operational life. This is particularly suitable for demanding automotive and white goods applications.

Clean – Reed sensors are hermetically sealed and don’t produce micro emissions such as ozone or nitrogen oxides.

ESD – they aren’t effected by Electrostatic Discharge so additional safety components and shielding arrangements are not necessary.

Limited Heat Dissipation – Reed switches remain cool when activated and don’t generate heat. This means that additional cooling measures to dissipate heat are unnecessary.

Fewer component parts – To operate, a reed switch needs the bare minimum of external components. Due to its compact size and weight they are excellent for applications where space is limited.


As mentioned, we supply the PIC range of reed switches and sensors. Their “Greenline Products” include:

Micro Switches – These tiny reed switches are used in hearing aids and other medical implant devices. The smallest switch, the HS-0025RT is only 4.32 x 0.97 x 1.27mm.

Standard Reed Switches - Compact, high quality, reliable switches suitable for a variety of applications. They are available in Form A and C and are competitively priced.

Power Switches - Suitable for industrial applications, these reed switches have contact ratings up to 250V and 5A.

Surface Mount Reed Switches -  PIC’s surface mount range of reed sensors are designed for automated PCB assembly. They are also available in tape & reel.

The technical configuration of a reed switch is frequently very specific to individual applications and customers. Switch sensitivity, contact form and reed lengths need to be determined in order to meet the needs of the design. At Alan Butcher Components, we offer support and advice to customers to ensure the right switch is selected.

So, if you are looking for a sustainable switching technology you should consider the reed switch. They are recyclable, compact, efficient and clean.  If you have any questions, would like technical advice or need to discuss your design, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information on PIC’s range of sustainable switch products:

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