Rocker switches On Off On

Commonly, rocker switches are described in terms of number of poles and throws ie single pole, double throw (SPDT) or double pole single throw (DPST)

The number of poles on a switch relates to the number of circuits the switch can operate. So, a single pole switch controls one circuit and a double pole controls two.

Throw refers to the number of positions each switch pole can be connected to.

Rocker switches on off on are double throw switches.  They have three positions compared to the standard on off switch which has two. The third switching position is in the centre of the switch and is in the “OFF” position.  This is why they are also known as Centre Off switches.

rocker switch on off on wiring diagram

Switch Action
The switch action for all switches is either latching (maintained) or momentary.

  • Latching – stay in the same position when activated and remain there until the switch is pressed again.
  • Momentary – only remain in position when pressed.  As soon as released, the switch returns to the original position.  On a circuit diagram a triangle is used to denote the momentary action.  Brackets are used in written descriptions i.e. (on)-off-(on) = momentary both sides, as shown in the below diagram:

SPDT Momentary on off on switch diagram

At Alan Butcher Components we offer both latching and momentary on-off-on switches –

Rocker Switches – Alan Butcher Components
Our on off on rocker switches can be split into four groups based on panel cut-out size:

A1 Series 13x19mm

A11561100000 – black, latching

Rating: 10(2)A/250VAC
Approvals: ENEC, UL, CSA, CE, IECC, CQC
Terminals: 4.8mm fast-on

rocker switch on-off-on - A11561100000B1 Series 11x30mm

Momentary and latching versions are available in this series.

B115C11000000 – black, latching
B11D411000000 – black, momentary
B115C11290000 – black with 1011 marking
SX81115811000000 – black, latching

Rating: 16(6)A /250VAC
Approvals:  ENEC, UL, CSA, IECC, CE
Terminals: 6.3mm fast-on

Centre off SPDT Rocker Switch - B115C11290000
B4 Series – 22x30mm

B419C11000000 – black, latching
B419C118A0000 – black, latching with I0II marking in red
B41J411000000 – black, momentary both sides

Rating: 16(6)A /250VAC
Approvals:  ENEC, UL, CSA, IECC, CE
Terminals: 6.3mm fast-on

Centre off Rocker Switch - B419C118A0000

B4MASK Series – 22x30mm

IP65 rated


Rating: 16(6)A/250VAC
Approvals: ENEC, UL, CSA, CE
Terminals: 6.3mm fast on

Centre-Off Splash proof rocker switch - B4MASK19C1129000
ABRR Series – 20mm

ABRR003 – black, latching with I0II marking in white
ABRR008 – black, latching with I0II marking in red
ABRR026 – black, momentary both sides
ABRR030 – black, latching

Rating: 6(2)A /250VAC
Approvals:  ENEC, UL, CQC
Terminals: 4.8mm fast-on

Centre Off Momentary Round Rocker Switch - ABRR026

The above items are all in stock at Alan Butcher Components.  We are able to source the switches in alternative body and marking colours however, minimum order quantities will apply.  Please call us on 01258 456360 to discuss this further or email

Our rectangular on off on switches are manufactured by Everel –  Everel is an Italian manufacturer of electronic and electro-mechanical components, with a strong presence in the European domestic appliance sector.  With over 100 years within the industry, the Everel brand has established a reputation for excellence.  The level of expertise, innovation and quality ensures it is a leading supplier within the household appliance and industrial equipment fields.

We “own brand” our round rocker switches and have developed a strong working relationship with our supplier.  This ensures we are confident in the quality of the products we sell and have the expertise available should technical queries arise.  This relationship enables us to respond to enquiries quickly, particularly regarding lead-times and customised products.

Panel Neon Indicator Light - B71121G000000

For your information, our switch products are also supported by our range of panel indicator lights.  Please click on the following link for more information –

Applications for rocker switches on off on

Centre off rocker switches are excellent for switching two separate operations on an application and therefore, have many applications.  They are however, particularly suitable for the following:

HVAC equipment:

  • Heaters
  • Fan speed controllers
  • Changing from hot to cold temperatures

Cleaning equipment:

  • Changing suction strengths on vacuum cleaners
  • Pressure washers
  • Steam cleaners


  • Motor control within various applications as you can have forward, off, reverse positions
  • Pump controls
  • Control panels for various applications including medical equipment & small appliances

How a centre-off rocker switch works
DPDT rocker switchThis image shows a DPDT, 30x22mm switch.  This switch snap fits into a panel and is connected using the 6.3mm fast on terminals.  There are six contact terminals.  The marking on the actuator denotes the on off on positions.  The actuator rocks from the central position to either of the two on positions, depending on which side is pressed.  The rocker switch housing material is PA 6.6 and the contact terminals are silver plated copper.  The accessory terminals connect to the load of the circuit.  This is what the rocker switch turns on when it’s switched for example a fan, heater, motor etc.  An on off on rocker switch consists of movable & stationary contacts, springs and other mechanical parts.  When a switch is pressed, the spring causes the moveable contact to connect with the stationary output contact, closing the switch circuit for that side.

rocker switch actuator

Example of an actuator with spring for central “off” contact. Springs are also used to activate the accessory contacts.

on off on rocker switch contacts

Moveable contacts which are placed in the bottom of the switch housing. The moveable contacts connect with the stationary fast-on terminals.

Splash proof caps for rocker switches on off on
Rocker switch splash proof cap B4PRT1

The majority of our on-off-on switches are IP40 rated.  For applications that need a higher IP rating, we supply splash proof caps which snap fit over the switch.  When fitted correctly, the caps increase the switch rating to IP65.  Following is a link to our website which provides details of the caps available for the various switch ranges –

For more information on centre off switches, please contact us at Alan Butcher Components.  Our sales and technical personnel are ready to assist with your enquiry.  Customer service is fundamental to our business and the telephone is always answered by one of our team.

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