Round Rocker Switches


We supply a full range of round rocker switches. These switches are versatile, contemporary products integrated within industrial and consumer electronics. The 20mm circular cutout is easy to accommodate within the panels of most applications. Round rockers are used within an extensive range of applications. They include HVAC equipment, control panels, vacuum and steam cleaners, medical equipment, automotive and marine products.

Round rockers stocked by Alan Butcher Components:

We stock latching and momentary switches;

We offer SP and DP versions:

Switching actions include ON-OFF, Centre off and change over rocker switches:

Within our range we supply illuminated round rocker switches. The type of lamp used within the switch depends on the voltage. The majority of 250V switches are illuminated using a Neon lamp or LED. 12V round rocker switches and 24V round rocker switches contain LEDs or tungsten lamps for illumination. Please check the data sheets on our website as they will identify the type of lamp used within the switch. Our low voltage LED switches will illuminate at both 12V and 24V making them highly suitable for automotive and marine applications. Th most popular illuminated switch colours tend to be red, green and amber, however, other colours are available.

The switches we offer are either fully illuminated or dot illuminated, examples of which are shown below:

Switch markings:
Sometimes our customers require a non-standard switch marking and we do our best to accommodate this.

If this is something you need, please contact us. We will ask you to provide a drawing or specification of the marking you require. MOQs are likely to apply however, these are not excessive and can be scheduled over 12 months if preferred.

We are proud to supply high quality, reliable and durable rocker switches. They are ENEC, UL and CQC approved and we will be happy to supply certification on request. We ensure our products meet RoHS and REACH requirements.

ABRR Indicator Lights:

Alongside the round rocker switches, we also stock 20mm indicator lights as part of the ABRR range. These signal lamps can be placed next to a rocker switch on a panel to indicate that an application is turned on, for example. It ensures consistency in product design, enhancing the aesthetic quality.

Splash Proof Cap For Round Rocker Switches:

Our ABRRCAP is a clear plastic cap which fits over the switch, increasing their IP rating from IP40 to IP55. This gives the switch more protection when used in slightly more challenging environments.

We stock a wide range of round rocker switches, suitable for a diverse range of applications. If you can’t locate the product you require please call us as it is likely we can source the part you need.  We are happy to arrange a visit to discuss your design requirements in person. You can contact us either by clicking a product on our website and using the Enquire button or by filling in the Contact Form.

Alternatively, call 01258 456360 or email

Our sales and technical team look forward to hearing from you.





Our products are used in a diverse range of applications including:

  • White goods (washing machines, ovens, tumble dryers)
  • Kitchen and bathroom units
  • Medical products
  • Distribution boxes
  • Caravans and boats
  • Air conditioning and heating products
  • Household appliances (showers, coffee machines,
  • Recording studios
  • Security applications


We have established strong working relationships with all of our suppliers to ensure the products we distribute are of the highest quality. These manufacturers develop new solutions and new technologies to ensure continuous improvements to their products and processes.

With this support, Alan Butcher Components offer innovative products designed to the highest specifications and manufactured using modern, efficient production lines.

We have franchise and/or agency agreements with the following manufacturers:

  • Everel