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Buzzers and Sounders

Alan Butcher Components has an extensive range of Buzzers and Sounders to suit most applications requiring an alarm or audio signal.  We can supply piezo, electro-mechanical and surface mount devices as well as bare piezo elements.

Our electro-mechanical and piezo buzzers and sounders are divided into the following categories:

Audio Indicators – these products are self-driven and do not require external circuitry to generate sound.

Audio Transducers – require external circuitry to generate sound.  They enable design engineers to use the power of their own drive circuit or processor to achieve the sound required.

Piezo elements – bare discs, useful where space is limited, can be supplied with or without flying leads and feedback option.

Many of our products are available from stock and the lead-times for non-stock items are not extensive.  In addition, we are able to customise devices by adding leads and or connectors.  Please view our products below or give us a call to see how we can help with any new designs or existing applications.