12V rocker switch

12V Rocker Switch

  12V rocker switches are commonly used in automotive and marine applications where there is a 12V battery/power source. In its simplest form a switch turns an accessory, such as a lamp or DC motor, on or off. An illuminated 12V rocker switch will light up when the switch is pressed on. In some instances,… Read More
Push button switches

Push Button Switches – Managing Lead-Times & Stock Levels

We are all facing the challenges of increased lead-times and costs due to materials and shipping.  With products manufactured in Europe and China, it has been essential for us at Alan Butcher Components to manage our stock levels by working closely with our customers and understanding their needs.  In turn, our suppliers have been keeping… Read More
Explosion proof switches - A11131121000

Explosion Proof Switches

Everel A1 & SXL5 Switches Tested To Meet EN60079 Explosive Atmosphere Standard. Cost effective, explosion proof switches for the Refrigeration industry. With the planned phase out of HFC gases by the European Union, the need to source alternative refrigerants with lower global warming potential is a challenge for Refrigeration manufacturers.  The use of natural refrigerants… Read More
What is a rocker switch

Rocker Switches

What is a rocker switch? A rocker switch is an on-off switch that rocks back and forth.  When one side is pressed, the other raises with an action similar to a see-saw.    They are easy to use and extremely reliable making them one of the most common forms of switches used worldwide. Rocker switch contact… Read More
Push button switches

What Are Push Button Switches?

Push Button Switches are used across a wide variety of applications.    Usually made of metal or plastic, the button is pressed by the human finger; they are the interface between a user and the end product or system.  The range of push switches is vast and below is an overview of the type of push… Read More
Everel Website

Everel Launches New Website!

            The New Everel Website! Our switch and signal lamp manufacturer, Everel has recently launched its new website. The site is easy to navigate with useful product detail and technical information. Data sheets and approval certificates can be downloaded from the product pages and the company structure is clearly communicated. Through… Read More

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