What Are Push Button Switches?

Splash proof push switches - SXA4328211221000Blue Ring Vandal Switch - AB-AV-1610Push Pull Door Switch - HY69-2Red illuminated push button switch - SP6028C1G0000Rectangular Push Button Switches - SXL4122H110000WPush button lamp switch AB-TL-70116mm rectangular push button switch - D16LAT1-1AB

Push Button Switches are used across a wide variety of applications.    Usually made of metal or plastic, the button is pressed by the human finger; they are the interface between a user and the end product or system.  The range of push switches is vast and below is an overview of the type of push buttons offered by Alan Butcher Components.

Types Of Pushbutton Switches:


Latching switches, also known as On/Off – when the switch is pressed the circuit is activated and remains in this state until pressed again.

Double pole, latching switch circuit diagram (DPST) – 

Momentary switches – only remain in their contact state when pressed.  When released the circuit returns to its normal state.

Double pole, momentary switch circuit diagram (DPST) – 

The switches normal state can be:

Normally Open (NO) – switches in this state are also known as pushed-to-make switches.  The switch is pressed to make contact and turn on the circuit.  This is the most popular switch state.

Normally Closed (NC) – also known as pushed-to-break switches.  The circuit is turned off or broken when the switch is pressed.




Considerations for customers when selecting a push button switch:


  • Panel Cut-Out – we offer circular cut-outs – 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm or rectangular cut-outs – 13x19mm and 22x30mm


  • Number of Poles (SP or DP) – this will depend on the number of circuits you need to switch i.e. a single pole (SP) switch will activate one circuit, whilst a double pole (DP) switch will activate two.

Single Pole momentary  Double Pole latching illuminated

  • Illumination – 12VDC, 24VDC & 250VAC LED or Neon options are available, subject to the switch range.

Colours offered are:        red dot.jpg Red  yellow dot  Yellow   Green dot  Green  Blue dot  Blue  White dot  White  Orange dot  Orange

Switches can be fully illuminated or illuminated with a small dot.  The Anti Vandal switches are either Ring or Dot illuminated.

 Green illuminated push button switch - SP6018C1E0000.  Illuminated Anti Vandal Switch - AB-AV-919Green Ring IP65 Push Button Switch - AB-AV-1619

The Deca SwitchLab D16 illuminated push buttons are modular switches; the lamp and lens can be selected according to the needs of the design/application.  The lamps and lenses are shown on the “Switch Accessories” page of our website – https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/product-category/switches/switch-accessories/

16mm Round Push Button Switch - D16LMR1-1AB     16mm push button switch colour lenses       lamps for 16mm push button switches

Another option is to add a Splash Proof Cap to the standard SP60 and P1 switch ranges.  Fitting the cap to the switch ensures IP65 protection and the caps can be found on our Switch Accessories page https://www.abcomponents.co.uk/product-category/switches/switch-accessories/

Anti-vandal push button switches are extremely durable and are manufactured to withstand the demands of harsh environments.  Our Anti Vandal switches are rated from IP40-IP67.

   Splash proof push button switch - RMASK122C1N00000Splash proof cap SP60PRT1Anti-Vandal Push Button Switch - AB-AV-1602


Push button switch applications include:

  • Access & Security products
  • Vacuum cleaners & industrial cleaning machines
  • Fire alarms & nurse call systems
  • Test and monitoring equipment
  • Instrument & control panels
  • Lifts
  • Home appliances
  • Vending & gaming machines



Although relatively simple, the push button switch is an important component within a circuit design.  The circuit cannot be activated without it and it must encourage user input.  As we have seen, there are many options available. We are here to help you find the right product for your application.  Call us on 01258 456360 or email sales@abcomponents.co.uk